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  1. P

    Stop adobe reader from crashing

    Adobe flash keeps asking permission and then goes really slow on my Facebook games
  2. V

    alw14 painfully slow

    Greetings, I have an Alienware ALW14. It is brand new although it is discontinued. It is painfully slow. I cannot even open a PDF document in Adobe Reader without it freezing and Adobe Reader "Not Responding." I have little experience with computer mechanics. I simply want to use this machine...
  3. V

    Alienware painfully slow

    Greetings, I have an Alienware ALW14. It is brand new although it is discontinued. It is painfully slow. I cannot even open a PDF document in Adobe Reader without it freezing and Adobe Reader "Not Responding." I have little experience with computer mechanics. I simply want to use this machine...
  4. D

    programs won't launch

    Suddenly, Firefox and all other browsers won't launch, and neither will Adobe Reader. I'm using Windows XP SP3. As of Friday (three days ago at this point) I can't get Firefox to launch. It starts to load but then freezes. Or it loads just fine but freezes after I visit a site or open a new...
  5. E

    Adobe Reader download

    Why can't I download
  6. Zic

    What software should I get for a new PC

    Hi I was wondering What software should I get for a new PC and types of software here is a website that lists alot of things but I don't know what else I would need besides skype and is Sumatra PDF better than adobe reader and are there any in there you wouldn't recommend so here is the link...
  7. S

    Unable to load Adobe Reader

    About a month ago, W10 started installing on my PC. Long story short as possible, really messed up several parts of my system. Could no longer see body of email messages (just the name of the person sending), lost all email contacts, on and on. I was able to do a recovery and put my OS back to...
  8. A

    Is this an Adobe Reader pop up? Wondering if this is Adobe related? Anyone know what this could be from? Thank you
  9. K

    Adobe Acrobat/Reader question -- student to student?

    I need to print my resources/articles for a research paper-- they are adobe reader files (pdf). I'm sure the hilights will print (though.. the school printer is black and white so a bit wary of how that will turn out)-- my question is though, will the pop up notes i place on text print on the...
  10. JeckeL

    Required to "sign" certain PDF files?

    We've got a few PDF files/forms from insurance co.'s, government agencies, etc, that have text boxes for filling in data and then sending the file back. Certain ones will let you fill in all the text boxes but then require you to "sign" the document before you can do anything with it. It seems...
  11. Q

    Mozilla outdated adobe plug-ins

    there are 2 plug-ins right now that Mozilla tells me is outdated Adobe Flash Player (v15.0.0.223) Adobe Reader ( even though i already updated them i still tells me there outdated. what course of action do need to take to solve this problem.
  12. R

    Windows cannot find C\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe

    this appears when i try to open acrobat...any help?
  13. L

    Corrupted PDF files in Adobe Reader

    Good day all, The error message I get in Adobe Reader: "Illegal operation 'TJ' outside text object." Then the contents show up as blank. The item in quotes changes but the message is the same. Has anyone else seen this problem or reported it? Is there a fix out for it? many thanks...
  14. N

    Adobe Reader 11 Download

    Want to download a Adobe Reader 11 with its Creaks
  15. N

    Foxit Reader installed with Foxit Cloud

    Hi experts, After installing Foxit Reader to replace Adobe Reader, there is Foxit Cloud installed with it, do you know what is it? and does Foxit Reader need it in order to function? Thank you in advance for your help.
  16. M

    Installing Adobe Reader on a Chrome book?

    How can I install Adobe Reader on my (Acer) Chrome book?
  17. B

    Open Source PDF reader that can highlight text??

    I have Adobe Reader on a couple of Windows 8.x computers. Just in case, as a “backup”, I'd like to install a free, open source, PDF reader that can highlight text. Adobe Reader works well and highlights text. SumatraPDF works well, but does not highlight text. LibreOffice Draw cannot...
  18. O

    I have been trying to download Adobe Reader,

    I have an Acer 7535 windows 7. I have been trying to download Adobe Reader, however it never finishes, it goes through the set up until it gets to the last install screen and it does nothing, there is nothing at all in the box it is blank, its a black box. I have tried several times to install...
  19. S

    adobe reader and acer crystal eye cam

    how do i get rid of the adobe reader and keep the acer web cam..i do not know how the adobe is on my computer in the first place but it is there and well not let me have my web cam
  20. A

    Some Images in .PDF format show as odd black boxes in Adobe Reader

    First, I don't know if this has anything to do with this issue, but ALL of my pdf files, every single one, has a curious light blue background instead of a white one. Something I find odd and may be connected but I have no clue. Anyway, to the meat of the issue: I have several pdf files where...
  21. D

    Other people cannot open my PDF files but I can.

    I am currently using Microsoft Word 2010 to create my PDF files. It opens perfectly fine for me with Adobe Reader XI, but when other people from different computers tries to read it, they said all it does is show that their Adobe is loading to the point that the document will not even open. Can...
  22. B

    Adobe Reader alternative PDF viewer

    I know many places it goes through, but the answer to what I am seeking, I couldn't find. Outside the speed and low memory these two things: thumbnails in the Windows Explorer and option to change the left and right pages of the document (see the first page alone). It's good for document layout...
  23. J

    Strange icons appearing in Word after download.

    Hi, When i download PDF/Word documents from sites I get really strange signs onto it (shown below) Is there anyway to fix this? it's really annoying. I use Wordpad/Word 07/Adobe reader. I use Window 7 64 bit.
  24. MGDJoker

    Very strange GUI display issue with Adobe Reader XI.

    Hello guys! I've found a very strange issue with Adobe Reader XI. When I try to go to Edit > Preferences. The menu opens as giant text with a strike through. The machine that is running the software is running Windows 7. I've uninstalled Reader several times, along with repair installs. I've...
  25. C

    Adobe Opens Document in Different Font

    Good morning everyone, I'm opening a PDF in Adobe Reader 9, and Adobe will give me an error message about the embeded font not being installed on my system, so what I do in turn is copy the same font from a co-workers PC that opens the PDF fine in it's correct font and paste that font into my...
  26. S

    There was an error opening this document. Access denied.

    When I try to open old turbotax returns in adobe reader, it gives me this message. All other documents work fine, it's only this one. I tried : [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\Privileged] "bProtectedMode"=dword:00000000 and changing it in software, but nothing worked...
  27. dhicks19

    Adobe reader updater, multiple processes freezing pc

    Hi, I have a pc with the internet disabled. Basically with the latest version of adobe reader, when its opened it attempts to connect with the update server but obviously fails. This leaves multiple processes in the task manager even when adobe reader closes. This uses almost all the cpu and...
  28. W

    How do I update my adobe reader on my PS3?

    how do I update my adobe reader on my PS3?
  29. J

    About adobe

    my son recently updated adobe flashplayer which came up upon start-up,which i wasnt aware of,i have checked programs and features and in there i have the following: adobe reader 9.5.1 MUI,adobe flashplayer 11 ActiveX 64 bit,adobe AIR and,the reader was updated on the 14th of april...
  30. M

    Windows 7 64 bit FORUM

    I have a windows 7 64test bit professional os. I installed adobe reader X. I need to test apps with various settings of adobe reader. Checking and unchecking of "display pdf browser"(under edit->preference->internet) is not working consistently. Steps to reproduce the issued 1...
  31. timw128

    Run time Error(s)

    Good Morning- As of late, I am having some issues with some of my Program Files. I'll post each one separately and hope for some accurate solutions. The first is an error within my Adobe Reader 10.0. We are getting an error message, as stated below: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library...
  32. Salt-City_Slasher

    Some how when I DLed Adobe, it is set for every program!

    Ok, I am not sure what happened but I was opening a file that might have had a virus, but when it asked me what I wanted to open it with and I clicked adobe reader X! The file just said could not open, but every desktop item, every item with my "all programs" and everything now opens with adobe...
  33. natesgotgrapes

    Adobe reader issue

    All right, so when i open a .pdf file on my machine it opens the file. When i try to move around on the page any direction, it freezes. Any solutions or reasons why adobe is freezing up so much?
  34. exfileme

    Adobe Investigating Reports of Acrobat Exploits

    Oh yay! Hackers have found a new exploit in Adobe Reader and Acrobat. Adobe Investigating Reports of Acrobat Exploits : Read more
  35. S

    This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action

    hi whenever i install adobe reader in my system it change my all program to adobe reader nd can't open any application.. i mean internet explorer change in adobe reader, C++, microsoft office every application...why its happened.... and even i can't open pdf files on my system it shows a erroe...