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    Question Samsun TV getting every channel over antenna except for one!

    Randomly our Samsung Smart TV stopped showing local Channel 13 (CBS). I have re-scanned, turned the antenna, and re-set the TV back to factory. When I try Channel 13 it says "no Signal" check your connection. But every other local channel is coming in fine. What's even weirder is that I don't...
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    Amplified antenna feeding an amplifier

    We live about 40-50 miles from tv broadcast towers in Dallas, so we recently got a long range multi-directional HDTV, flat plate antenna. It comes with an in line amplifier, but still doesn't get great reception, so I bought a Channel Master Model 3043 Distribution Amplifier with Dual outputs. I...
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    Which TV Antenna for Semi-Rural Northeast/East Texas?

    Which TV Antenna for Semi-Rural Northeast/East Texas? I want to dump SuddenLink cable & use their old cabling for 4/5 TV’s. One potential problem is a 2 story brick house w/ a big tree on the same side as the cabling. I’m hoping someone in here has already done this? I don’t know if a DIY...
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    Turn PC into DVR

    After I built my first computer, I realized that I had essentially no use for my old computer. Then I contemplated the idea of turning into a DVR to record shows received from the antenna to watch later. Specs of the machine are as follows: Intel Core i5-3350P CPU Asus H61 mATX mobo 6GB generic...
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    homemade FM Antenna? (CD-DH950p)

    I was wondering if anyone knew how i could try and make an FM antenna from coaxial cable at home. this stereo system wasnt following the standards as far as antennas go. i might have 75ohm cable lying around somewhere but im not sure how or IF its possible to make an antenna with it. No i dont...