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  1. L

    Which laptop should I choose, assistants required

    Hello everyone, Im just curious for some information on which laptop would be the more recommended laptop, it would be my first high performance laptop but not PC. Im struggling to pick between: Alienware 17 R4 Aorus X5 v7-CF1 Razer Blade 1060 MSI GT73VR Any information would be great, hoping...
  2. A

    Laptops Using GTX 980

    Hi Tom's Guide, I've been doing a lot of research around VR ready laptops with the desktop GTX 980 card. (I know I can get a better pc for half the price but I really want the portability). I'm a video editor and getting into VR game design so I am trying to get as much graphic rendering power...
  3. C

    980m or 860m sli

    I'm just wondering what would be a better option for the future. I have been considering a Aorus X7V2 or Gigabyte P37X I have been out of the hardware loop for a while now and would appreciate some guidance. If you have any suggestions on other devices, I'd love to hear it too! (my price range...
  4. D

    laptop for school and gaming

    Hi! im currently looking for a laptop for school and gaming that have high performance and slim design , and im looking for Aorus X3 plus , X3 plus v3 , hp omen 5117-tx here is the spec for : Aorus X3 plus / X3 plus v3: intel core i7 4860hq/4710hq 16 gb DDR3L 1600 512GB SSD (256GB*2 SSD...
  5. A

    Need help picking out new laptop

    I have had my Asus G73JH for a pretty long time now. Going on 5 or 6 years I believe. It has done me VERY well despite Asus's TERRIBLE customer support!! So now I am looking to buy a new laptop to replace this one. I really don't play games a whole lot. Only once and a while. I mainly use it for...
  6. TheHazzaaHD

    Aorus X7 PRO or Gigabyte P35X?

    Hello everyone, Which Laptop would you recommend out of the Aorus X7 Pro & Gigabyte P35X for College work, graphics design, and on the go gaming? Noise of the Laptop isn't really an issue to me. Which would be the best for what I will use it for/more portable? GIGABYTE P35X -...
  7. TheHazzaaHD

    Aorus X7 Pro or MSI GS60 Pro 3K?

    Hi, So what Laptop should I choose out of the two? Before you say, "Why don't you just build a desktop PC that's x10 better?". Well I already have a desktop PC, that runs all of the games that I play at the moment smoothly. So I am looking for a portable yet super powerful Laptop, that I can...
  8. R

    Msi gs60 ghost pro vs Aorus x7 v2 vs Razer blade (2014)

    I can't decide what good laptop to get soon and I did research and these are my 3 picks of the ones I like but I can't decide which to get! I'll be traveling a lot and I love gaming so I need a great and portable laptop