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  1. C

    Change my password on macbookpro

    I have forgotten my password. Need to change so I can install a photo app. Thanks
  2. F

    Laptop Help

    can not get the audio device to work in my Dell Latitude D400. When I go into device manager and look at the properties list, everything says that it is working properly. This is in the Audio Codecs. Also the computer does not find the wireless modem card.
  3. F

    Suddenly too slow...

    Hello,my laptop,Compaq presario cq57, recently slipped and fell..about 2 feet.Since then it has become annoyingly slow and its performance has really gone down.It keeps hanging when i open files or programs.Someone please help me.Thank you.
  4. Ihjhewitt

    Produt Reveiw for A Home-Use Network Camera

    I’ve been using a network camera (HooToo HT-IP206) for well over 6 months and have come to realize where it does best & where the shortcomings are, I feel like a need to share with you guys about some information, in case it helps. HooToo HT-IP206 Reviews – For the positive part, it’s an...
  5. L

    Roxio creator v9 program

    this program stopped working, do you know a program that does the same as writing & coping data disc
  6. H

    Laptop keyboard and mouse won't work

    My daughter's keyboard and mouse won't work on her laptop. It worked earlier. Did she accidentally hit a wrong key or something?
  7. H

    Hack in Paris event

    Intrusion attempts are more and more frequent and sophisticated, regardless of their targets (states or corporations). It's in this context that international hacking events are multiplying. A few events take place in France, but until now, no one had covered hacking practices with a technical...
  8. G

    Dead Man's Virus

    I just killed a Dead Man's Virus on a Friend's system, which also killed his Vista-64bit Dell OS...(however he got that on this registered on this system is beyond me) and when I attempt to load the OS (XP-Pro 32bit Corp. 2004Ed)... Which I have to give him. I get a hardware system fail error...
  9. H

    Logitech cam questions

    Looking for help to find controls on my webcam, cant find the controls to turn it on and off. shouldnt there be an icon that i could use.
  10. J

    My internet connection does not support torrent download

    how to increase download speed
  11. G

    What causes my lenovo y410 laptop to shutdown after opening of window

    Hello, what causes my lenovo y410 laptop to shutdown after booting from window
  12. S

    Help with norton ghost

    I have a sony vaio fs38gp with a crapped out dvd drive , i have the recovery dvd of the previous xp operating system(the one that was factory installed and is modded by sony) i would like to know wheter i can install the image of that sony modded OS from over the network to my laptop using...
  13. G

    Desktop vanish virus

    I'm having issues with my computer and came across this post that previously posted September 2009. I am experienceing the exact same problem, any suggestion? Please! "My computer is currently infected with what seems to be a fairly bad virus. Initially, the only problem that occurred was...
  14. C


    Here's the story: I use Norton Internet Security, and a few days ago it notified me it had blocked an intrusion from IP, 53 and that "The attack was resulted from System" I'm not too hot on my knowledge of IP's etc, so I gave it a quick google. It comes up with a bunch of stuff which...
  15. M

    Windows photo gallery

    windows photos will not print,title window pops up
  16. K

    on 1 site i cannot see videos and nobody see's what i am writting in

    im using ie8 and have everything for online straming installed (flash, etc). i tried clearing cache, cookies etc. there is this site i watch tutorials but from 1 week it doesnt play any video anymore. it displays like this the webplayer its...
  17. C

    Solved! Hooking up your TV to your PC

    Can any one help me with info on how to hook my TV up to my PC, I have hooked up the video with a cable, but can not figure out the Audio so I can actually have the speakers from the PC play the sound from the TV programming.
  18. G

    How can I remove a program when resource cannot be found

    How can I remove microsoft net framework 3.0 when I get the error resource cannot be found
  19. S

    Outlook mail

    How do you set up your mail from your isp to go to your outlook explorer so that I can open outlook with windows 7 and read my mail?
  20. Y

    Auto cad files not save in server 2003

    hi friends, my name is venkat.we are using windows server 2003 as a file server. our employees digitizes maps in auto cad.I have giver permissions read and write permissions but they are unable to save .dwg files.These permissions ok for xls files.when i save drawing files it says error "as...
  21. S

    Sharing softwear of tv tunner with local network

    who can i share tv tunner card with local network members
  22. J

    Norton worm protection

    Don't know what happened but nothiong came through for me I had asked what can be done to remeve inactive norton internet worm protection this is showing up as a problem on my p.c.
  23. crossi007

    Best Windows remote support software

    I want to troubleshoot friends and families pc over the web, In your opinion whats the best software to enable me to troubleshoot and perhaps chat at the same time to resolve windows issues.