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  1. B

    laptop WiFi Issues

    My laptop is not turning the wifi on. When I try to turn the wifi on it doesn't stay and won't turn on
  2. S

    How to fix a frozen Samsung Galaxy Tab E ASAP

    So this morning i put my tablet to my charger(tablet was turned off btw) and when it was 16% i unplugged it and i turned it on. And it has done his procedure of turning on(you know what i am talking about(the music, the logo on the screen...) and at the final stage of turning on it just...
  3. twgamerbuilder

    Best Camcorder Under $200

    Im looking to get into film on a budget and was wondering if there were any good camcorder options for under $200. I'm thinking about getting the Canon VIXIA HF R700 but its just a bit too pricy and i would like to know if there is a similar camera that fits my budget. Thank You!
  4. W

    CentOs Install Help #2

    Hey guys, im back, and I tried installing CentOs Everything from a usb stick and got the same result: Heres some of the errors it gave me: Warning: fractured-initqueue timeout - starting timeout scripts (This is repeated many times) Starting Dracut Emergency Shell Warning: /dev/root does not...
  5. W

    CentOs Install Help

    Hey guys! I am using this article to help me install CentOs: but I am having problems. I downloaded CentOs Minimal from here: . I get to where the install screen is and press enter. It brings me to a command line does...
  6. twgamerbuilder

    Vizio 4K Smart TV Not Working With Sound Bar Or Surround System

    Hello, my vizio m-series 4k smart tv is not working when hooked up to the sound bar. It says to just simply plug in an hdmi from the soundbar to the tv's ARC port. When powered on, the soundbar's lights go up and down, which I assume is a sync mode, and doesnt output sound. The sound still goes...
  7. S

    SonyVegas Pro 13

    Hey guys. I have Sony Vegas Pro 13, it worked perfectly when I downloaded my first 2 plug-ins, BCC and NewBlue, but after I download the Sapphire plug-in, the software has done nothing but trouble. Every time I attempt to put a plug-in on the media, the software flashes, it flashes from "not...
  8. M

    HELP! Looking for the right laptop for casual gaming, good for watching movies and not so pricey

    Help guys! I'm looking for laptop for casual gaming and watching movies. I would like a laptop that is able to play games like Assassins creed, GTAV and the likes without any problems. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! these are the minimum specs that I need, hope anyone of you...
  9. J

    My Razer kraken pro 7.1 will not be detected by realtek hd audio manager

    Today i decided to make a counter strike go video using shadow play today until i found something odd. Playing back what i had recorded i noticed that the game sounds like it is echoing. Like recording the game from some speakers. After doing some research i noticed how my razer kraken pro is...