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    Question Astro 40 headset

    I’ve had my Astro 40 headset for around 6 years now (since March 2014), and recently the sound coming from the speakers inside the headphones stopped producing sound normally. It isn’t that I can’t hear anything; it’s that it’s super quiet and not putting out all the full sound (i.e. I can’t...
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    Which Gaming Headset should i get? PLEASE HELP!

    Hi, so i need a good gaming headset for the Money, i play and chat mostly on Xbox One but sometimes want to hear gameplay on PS4 and PC. Here are my choices... HyperX Cloud ($60) HyperX Cloud II ($100) Xbox One Stereo Headset ($50-$60) ASTRO Gaming A40 PC Headset Kit (on sale $100) - not...
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    Buying new Headset, Help needed (Astro a40/50, Sennheiser Game one/zero/363d

    Hey guys, so i need a new headset my old Logitech G930 Broke. I Want a good headset with good sound a good bass and also a decent mic. I'm gonna be using them for Gaming/Music and just browsing the net. Price dos not really matter aslong the headset is worth it. These are the headsets i have...
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    Which headset should i buy? Please help :)

    Okay... so I am looking for a new headset since my old Logitech g930 has stopped working, i need a headset at around 300-400$, i mostly want one with good audio. I have looked at these: Sennheiser G4ME ONE Sennheiser PC 363D ASTRO A40/A50 Gaming Headset I just wanted to know which of these are...