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    Asus Xonar DSX vs MSI z370 Mobo On-board Audio

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a new rig that has a MSI Z370 GAMING M5 ATX motherboard. The on-board audio is Realtek 7.1 and under the features list it says, "Audio Boost 4: Isolated audio with a high quality audio processor & Nahimic 2+ for the most immersive gaming experience." (I have no idea...
  2. L

    Does Thunderbolt3 matter much for gaming/3D graphic PC? - between micro-ATX z270 and ATX

    Hi all, I'm thinking about getting ASRock Z270M Extreme4 Mainboard (micro-ATX) which has Thunderbolt3 instead of MSI PC MATE Z270. Would ASRock (micro-ATX) fit with my Intel Corei7-7700k and Samsung 850 Evo 2.5(SSD)? And will it worth it? Or should I just get MSI PC MATE Z270 without...
  3. R

    Travel (small) ATX PC case

    I have recently bought my HTC vive, and I have had my gaming PC for about a year now. Along with getting a vive, one of the best things to do is share the experience, as most of you know. My small issue is my pc case size and weight. I have a rather large heavy case and it is a pain to move...
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    Upgrade advice ATX to laptop

    Hi all, Space limitations and WAF limitations are forcing me to go to a new laptop rig. Coming from a AMD Phenom x4 3,2 ghz quad core with a GTX 550ti GPU (and 16 gb ram / 500 gb HDD) I´m considering a step up to this laptop: Latest 6th...
  5. 010010

    Mini ITX/Mini ATX/Micro ATX

    Hello, Im looking for a cheap build at any of the sizes mentioned in the title with enough computing power to watch films in 1080p, Browse the internet perhaps play some very low resource games such as starbound on low settings. Also having room on the case for 2 front panel devices: A DVD drive...
  6. Matty172

    Need help choosing a desktop case?

    I want a case that will look good and work with the ASRock H97M Anniversary Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard. I wanted to use the Azza SIRIUS ATX Mid Tower Case, but when I put the two together, i had a compatablility error. Keep in mind that my price range is $50-$100 Thanks in advance.
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    Looking to buy a laptop or get build a mini ATX

    Sorry that this is 2 concepts, but I'm posting in the laptop section as that is probably more reasonable. 1. What is your budget? 500-700 USD 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13-15 inches 3. What screen resolution do you want? The best I can get for this price...
  8. rubix_1011

    HTPC box; case recommendations?

    Hey everyone- Building an HTPC box with an older Core2Quad and ATX board...I'd like a nice, presentable HTPC case...any suggestions? Obviously, ATX board means mITX and microATX are out, but I still want something compact and good looking. No real budget here, but would like to keep it under...
  9. S

    I'm looking for a good budget case

    I'm looking for a good budget atx silent case any ideas ??
  10. K

    Best Motherboard Micro ATX

    Best micro ATX for fm2+ that's pretty cheap
  11. G

    Cheap/good ATX case

    I'm looking for a case that supports ATX mobos, has good airflow and costs less than US$60. I would prefer without flashing colourful lights, since I'm going to download some stuff at night. It would also be better if it was from a known brand, because I'm going to buy it in a physical store...
  12. C

    ATX power supply powering car amp problem

    *I'd like to start out that this system works, but there seems to be an issue with turning it on.* picture of my setup: So I'm pretty sure I have all the hardware I need but I ran into a little troubling problem. I have a 15 inch subwoofer powered by a car amp and i have a ATX desktop power...