Cheap/good ATX case



I'm looking for a case that supports ATX mobos, has good airflow and costs less than US$60. I would prefer without flashing colourful lights, since I'm going to download some stuff at night. It would also be better if it was from a known brand, because I'm going to buy it in a physical store, and sometimes they don't have smaller brands. No need for frontal USB 3.0 ports neither stock power supply.

I was thinking of the Coolermaster Elite 311, it's cheap and normally CM makes good stuff.

There's also the Aerocool Strike-X One, but it has some LED lights and I don't know the brand, so I'm not really trusting it.

Can you give me good case models with that specifications? Thank you.


Jul 23, 2013
I wouldn't say that the 200R doesn't have a reputation, since it's probably the most used case for budget builds. Aside from that, yeah, you might not really like the design, but you can't deny that it's a very good and easy case to build with. A lot of possible cable management in there, a lot of thumbscrews which give easy access to almost everything (only thing that needs a screwdriver would be the motherboard), very good airflow for the price, USB 3.0 compatibility, has dust filters, a lot of place for new fans and expansions... really, whenever I'm building on a budget, that's the case that I choose.