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    Solved! How to connect Hisense H9F to old Receiver

    So i have an old receiver which currently only has RED/WHITE RCA cable inputs. The Digital is being used by my PC. Im trying to connect my Hisense H9F to my receiver, but i just cant figure it out. The only options on my tv are tv speakers, ARC, and bluetooth audio. Can anybody help me out? ive...
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    Solved! Connect TV to Surround sound when TV has no audio outputs at all

    We have 43LF5100 TV and PS3-2-1 Bose Surround Sound. The TV has no audio out ports, distal arc or anything to connect Bose. The Bose has optical cable we used to plug into cable box, but we upgraded cable and new box doesn’t have outlet for optical cable. All the tech places we contacted said we...
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    Problem with TV sound not going out of the Home Theater system.

    I have a new Sony Bravia TV and an older model Sony home theater system so I connected the audio out from the TV's digital output to an adapter which connected out to the home theater receiver via RCA jacks. It initially worked but when we took out the DVD player, the sound stopped coming out...