Question Connect TV to Surround sound when TV has no audio outputs at all

Aug 22, 2019
We have 43LF5100 TV and PS3-2-1 Bose Surround Sound. The TV has no audio out ports, distal arc or anything to connect Bose. The Bose has optical cable we used to plug into cable box, but we upgraded cable and new box doesn’t have outlet for optical cable. All the tech places we contacted said we need to get new TV. Before doing this I thought I’d ask if anyone else has had this challenge and if they found a work around. I found something on Amazon that looks like it should work like a go between the two systems but not sure and cannot get straight answer from the tech places I contacted. Has super long name which is totally over my head. Any input even to confirm best to buy a new TV is appreciated. Just want to know I’ve explored all options. Thanks a bunch!
That converter is called

AutoWT Digital Optical Coaxial Toslink Signal to Analog Audio Converter Adapter RCA L/R output with Optical Toslink Cable Standard RCA with 3.5mm Audio Cable Fiber Optical Cable and USB Power Cable
I don't think a digital to analog converter will help if the cable box doesn't have a digital audio output.
What will work is an HDMI input selector with audio extraction.
Your cable box, and any other HDMI sources, connect to the inputs. The HDMI output goes to the TV. The optical audio output goes to the Bose. You will need an additional HDMI cable. You already have the optical cable.
Jul 26, 2019
I 'm having a hard time hooking up a 6 Disc CD changer to my 4k HDTV, after research on Amazon I found a possible solution and ordered it. I tried hooking it up like the diagram in the manual showed it didn't work, so I tried other combinations and finally talked with a rep from the manufacturer for 45 minutes and it didn't work. Luckily it was returnable, so I sent it back to Amazon!
4K HDMI Audio Extractor,Aerctor HDMI to HDMI + Optical Toslink(SPDIF) + RCA(L/R) Stereo Analog Outputs Video Audio Splitter Converter Support 4K,Black
Sold by: Arector

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