Solved! How to connect Hisense H9F to old Receiver


Jun 9, 2016
So i have an old receiver which currently only has RED/WHITE RCA cable inputs. The Digital is being used by my PC. Im trying to connect my Hisense H9F to my receiver, but i just cant figure it out. The only options on my tv are tv speakers, ARC, and bluetooth audio. Can anybody help me out? ive currently got the red/white RCA cables plugged into the back of my H9F and the other ends of the RCA cables plugged into the "In" connectors of my receiver. But with no way of telling the TV to direct its audio through the receiver, i just cant get it to work.
If those connections are not labeled OUTPUT on the TV you are probably connecting the receiver to inputs which is backwards. You will probably need an audo extractor box connected to the HDMI ARC. Or get a modern receiver.