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  1. M

    Question No sound from sound bar until 2-3 seconds after content starting

    I have a Hisense U7G Android TV. I connected it to the Samsung Q600A sound bar through HDMI ARC to the eARC port on the TV. I noticed that it takes a few seconds of the content playing for sound to come out of the speaker. Or when I play a video after pausing it, it takes a few seconds for the...
  2. S

    Solved! How to connect Hisense H9F to old Receiver

    So i have an old receiver which currently only has RED/WHITE RCA cable inputs. The Digital is being used by my PC. Im trying to connect my Hisense H9F to my receiver, but i just cant figure it out. The only options on my tv are tv speakers, ARC, and bluetooth audio. Can anybody help me out? ive...
  3. Cade5thomp

    Solved! Hisense 40h3e - Blinking red light of death!

    I've got a hisense 40h3e that blinks 8 times everytime I turn it on. I get no picture or sound. At first I got 7 blinks, but then I replaced the power board and now it blinks 8 times. Specifically, it does one long blink, then 7 short. I'm at a loss here, any ideas on how I can fix this thing!?
  4. B

    Solved! Hooking up a Vizio Sound Bar to Hisense tv

    We are experiencing issues with hooking up a 2015 VIZIO 38” 2.1 Sound Bar System to a Hisense 55R6E tv. When we try to watch a tv show or a recording on the cable box DVR, the sound is snowy or static sounding. We can still hear the voices though. When Bluetooth is used to play Sirius radio...
  5. C

    Solved! On and off and sound won't work on my dish remote . Tv is hisense

    Dish remote control won't work on on and off and volume don't work. Tv is a hisense•roku rv
  6. M

    Smart TV Bluetooth

    I have a Hisense smart TV 55 inch and a sound bar that has blue tooth and option to use plugs does the TV have blue tooth and do you hook it up and if not how do you hook up with cords
  7. M

    Ok my 40"Hisense tv is connected to my acer liquid zest phone but I can't connect to the Netflix server why?

    Why can't my phone connect to the Netflix server?
  8. M

    Solved! Hisence TV help

    My new hisense tvs I got on the black friday deal (55r6000e) have black vertical lines in the background throughout the whole screen spaced evenly apart, Both tvs I bought have the same issue. On light colored screens,you can see them. They show up in the apps too. Hisense wants me to ship them...
  9. T

    how to conect to audio out put

    smart tv hisense 55 inch
  10. S

    Solved! I want to connect my pioneer cld1200 laser disc player to a new 65" hisense 4k UHF TV how can I do it

    I want to connect my pioneer cld 1200 laser disc player to a new hisense 65" 4k UHF TV how do I do it
  11. M

    Solved! Reboot hisense u962

    How do I reboot hisense u962 phone
  12. T

    Question usb not working hisense tv

    I have an oldish hisense tv and for some reason the usb ports are dead
  13. D

    Solved! how do I connect my hisense tv wirelessly to my pc

    I have a hisense 55r6e smart tv that I just bought and I would like to be able to use it as a pc monitor also. I just added a bluetooth usb to my pc to try and conncet the two . Neither pc nor tv find each other when scanning for connections. is there a way to manually force either one using...
  14. K

    Solved! Hisense 50 inch tv functions not working

    All functions were working fine, then picked up remote to control the volume, it didnt work, tried using the volume keys on the tv itself and they dont work. Neither does the power button or any of the other functions on both the remote and the tv itself. Help, is this fixable with some kind of...
  15. S

    ARC not working on Hisense TV

    I have a DENON sound bar which I have been using with my LG and Panasonic 4K TVs. The system was working well until I bought a new Hisense 49" class 4K TV (6 series). All efforts to make the sound bar work have thus far failed. This includes changing the TV speaker system to ARC and turning the...
  16. F

    Solved! Hisense Tv media1&2 won't respond. NEED Help!

    I have a Hisense TV. The Media 1&2 sources Wont respond. If I click Up, down, left , and right buttons , the tv doesn't respond. Other buttons work. NOW I can't select. I want to watch movie on my tv using USB! But the Media 1&2 source won't work. I need help! I have no Idea how to fix it.
  17. M

    Solved! My TV keeps switching off

    I was wondering if someone could help me with my Hisense smart tv, model number: H49N5700UK. I recently bought this off a friend who was having problems with it randomly going into standby mode. She had sent it back to have it looked at, but it was sent back stating that Hisense could not find...
  18. K

    Solved! Audio Connections for a Hisense 65P8

    Hi everyone, I have a Hisense 65P8 TV that I would like to connect to a Sony X700 Blu Ray player, and have the audio for both the 65P8 and X700 connect to a Bose 500 Soundbar, is it just as simple as running a HDMI from the X700 to the 65P8, and a HDMI from the 65P8 to the Bose 500??
  19. P

    Solved! Looking for a fix for my smart TV

    Looking for how to fix my 48"Hisense smart TV.The screen has no picture unless you shine a light on the screen how do I fix this issue?
  20. T

    Hisense vertical lines 55” smart tv 55H8C

    I have 3 vertical lines on the RT side of the screen, I checked and cleaned all cable contacts, and replaced the Tcom board and still have the same problem, also on the power board there is a blinking red light on a Circuit board
  21. T

    Solved! how do i connect my external kogan blueetooth soundbar to my tv

    how do i connect my external kogan bluetooth soudbar to my hisense tv
  22. A

    Solved! How to connect an iphone to my Hisense H5 Smart tv

    Can I connect an iPhone to my Hisense h5 Smart tv. Android device connect to Anyvoew cast. Is their a way to anyview cast an iPhone or they are not compatible. Could I use a BT transmitter to do this? Thanks
  23. V

    how to remove privacy potection password on a hisense F23

    I did reset it but now it requires this privacy protection password.
  24. J

    Connect Bluetooth headphones to Hisense TV

    I have a Hisense Smart TV Model 65K00UWD. Not sure if it is Bluetooth compatible, how do you find this out. I want to connect some headphones wirelessly if possible.
  25. M

    How to pair code for a Hisense tv 50H6E

    Just trying to pair my TV edit by helpstar: I set it to 50H6E, 49.5" is the diag. of the screen, but the model should be 50
  26. C

    Looking for solution to connect my tv with soundbsr

    How can I connect my ABOX soundbar with my Hisense 50U7A ULED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV,? I have connected TV with optical cable ( digital audio output). I have connected both with optical cable but no sound through the sound box. Any idea please? Thanks
  27. J

    I got a 55 in hisense smart tv my HDMI in port 1 and 3 won't give me a signal trying to put cable box and playstation 3 on h

    I got a brand new 55in hisense tv my HDMI port on 1 and 3 won't give me a signal trying to put cable box and playstation 3 on have a Amazon fire stick in 2 works fine
  28. W

    I have a Hisense TV Model 32H3E currently used for "Air" stations only that was receiving channels ok. Then just stopped. I've

    Hisense TV Model 32H3E Not Receiving Channels
  29. J

    I have a 2015 hisense smart tv with sound but no video...how do I check to see what needs fixing?

    Need tv repair advice
  30. J

    What's wrong with my Hisense LED LCD 2013 TV

    We have a 42" Hisense LED LCD TV (model #: 40K360MN) that the picture went totally nuts while we were watching it. The left half of the TV has these colorful lines that are going horizontally and the right half of the TV is just black. HELP!
  31. H

    I turned my Hisense #32K20DW on, red light comes on but no picture?

    No picture when I turn on. The red light comes on like it's "On", just no picture. I've used the remote and also manually. I've used different plugins in my house as well.
  32. J

    How to connect my standard lg DVD player to an hisense smart tv

    How do I connect my standard lg dvd, model DP132, to my Hisense smart tv, model 50H8C
  33. A

    hisense tv and is not a smart

    Have a hisense tv and is not a smart how do I mirror my Alcatel one touch to the tv without WiFi. I have mirascreen
  34. M

    how to get picture from LG DVD player to work on hisense 50 tv

    50 in hisense tv. hooked up LG DVD player. DVD plays, tv says no picture. cra cables hooked according to color. this doesn't happen with other tvs. what's the problemj.
  35. K

    HiSense HDMI not working

    We recently got a Hisense tv. The HDMI worked fine for the first day. Then the HDMI2 connected to my Nintendo switch stopped working properly. I can hear what I do but see no image. First I thought it was my switch. But then later in the day the HDMI1 connected to our DirectTV box also stopped...
  36. A

    Solved! The standby light is on by the TV is not responding to any button on the remote including the power button

    Hisense led TV,
  37. G

    Play movie DVD in hisense tv

    Which input to p lay DVD on hisense tv
  38. M

    hisense SMART TV Screen flashing colors at start up

  39. M

    Solved! Hisense TV Voltage

    I am being transferred from USA to Europe soon and want to take my Hisense 49H6E 4K TV (US model) with me, as the specifications say it will work in voltage up to 240V (60hz). I know the tuner will not work in UK/EU, but I only plan to use the TV as a monitor for Blu-Rays and streaming 4K...
  40. D

    How do u connect samsung blueray player to hisense 3d HD tv

    How to connect my blueray player to my 3D HD tv
  41. R

    Please I can't find my camera photos are disappeared yesterday please help from Hisense u972

    My gallery and my file all my Camera photos are disappeared yesterday only WhatsApp photos left
  42. M

    Older Sony Dolby Digital DTS receiver new Hisense Roku TV

    I have a new Hisense Roku TV (700x?) and a Sony STR K900 receiver. The receiver and tv both support TOS and both claim to support Dolby D DTS. But try as I might I can't get audio (even stereo) to the receiver. Should these work together? If so, what should I try? If not, can I bridge them...
  43. B

    Ps1 on new tv help please

    Hi and thanks for the help anyone can provide. So yesterday I decided to take out my ps1 to play but come to find out it doesn't work on my new tv. So I tried playing it on the ps2. Still wont play ps1 games Ps2 games play normal. After some research I found out the tv doesn't support 240...
  44. B

    Ps2 on hisense tv

    First off hi and thanks for any help. Now I have a hisense model 43cu6100 4k uhd tv and my av plugins are component composite hybrid. I was offered a ps2 and snes for a reasonable price but before I get them wanted to know will they work on my tv or will I have to get something like a av to hdmi...
  45. S

    How do I connect my Hisense Smart TV to my rca rtd 3276h dvd surround system where the sound from the Smart Tv (Netflix etc) c

    How do I connect my Hisense Smart TV to my rca rtd 3276h dvd surround system where the sound from the Smart Tv (Netflix etc) comes from the surround sound instead of the tv sound
  46. L

    My 55 hi senses tv is on but only got black screen

    My 55 hisense tv is on but only got black screen
  47. C

    how do i set sd card as default storage on Hisense phone

    Im having problems setting sd card as default on hisense phone
  48. G

    Hisense tv software

    I have just bought a new 2017 Hisense Tv model N6600 I am trying to put Kodi on it I know the software is Linux based by a company called Frog But what version of Linux is it As there are a lot of versions And I do not know Linux at all Thank you in advance
  49. B

    Connect my hearing aid Blue tooth to Hisense Tv

    How to connect my unitron uTV2 to my HiSense flat screen TV
  50. S

    I don’t have a cable box. How can I get the 1080ip or Full High Definition anyway.

    I have the HISENSE H5C Smart tv I have Cable but NO CABLE BOX.
  51. A

    How to get amazon

    Download amazon on hisense tc
  52. R

    Hisense 49" TV

    I have a Hisense 49" smart TV, How do I connect a VHS Video recorder player, the Video has a 21 pin socket
  53. D

    Solved! How do I connect my Hisense non smart tv with a Chromecast to my Bluetooth Sony gtkxb5 speaket

    How do I connect my Hisense non smart tv with a Chromecast to my Bluetooth Sony gtkxb5 speaker
  54. S

    I want to install TWRP in my HISENSE F10.

    I ve downloaded the TWRP app but my HISENSE F10 is not on the list of phones provide by TWRP app.
  55. cameronharley34

    I have a non bluetooth Hisense smart TV which i want to connect a wireless keyboard to. the keyboard does not use bluetooth

    I have a non-Bluetooth Hisense smart TV. the onscreen keyboard is horrific and would like to use my wireless keyboard which uses a unified receiver and not Bluetooth, is there any way i can connect the keyboard to my TV. I have tried just plugging in in but it doesn't work. i also tried loading...
  56. M

    How to hook up LG surround to Hisense Tv.

    Hi, I've got an LG DH4430P 330W 5.1ch home cinema system and a hisense H55N5300 55inch TV. I wonder if you could tell me how to hook the two up please? I've tried HDMI (ARC) but to no avail. Any Info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Mick
  57. S

    Install Netflix on hisense tv

    How do I install Netflix on my hisense TV as it's not on the apps tried logging in but when I try to watch a program it goes off
  58. B

    On a Hisense Smart TV to get signal for dish what do I put imput on

    My TV is the second TV on my dish receiver i don't have a HDMI 1 cord and it keeps saying please check antenna/cable connection and saved channels. What do I put the imputed on to get my DISH to work
  59. J

    My Hisense TV just went off after an update, please can i get any help.??

    My Hisense TV just went off after an update, please can i get any help.??