My TV keeps switching off

Oct 30, 2018
I was wondering if someone could help me with my Hisense smart tv, model number: H49N5700UK. I recently bought this off a friend who was having problems with it randomly going into standby mode. She had sent it back to have it looked at, but it was sent back stating that Hisense could not find any problems with it. I decided to buy it off her, thinking that I could find a solution to fix it.

I have gone into all the menus and turned off settings such as the CEC Hdmi thing, all the sleep timers are off and have also had a look inside and everything looked fine, though I'm not an expert and don't know how to check capacitors other than checking if their caps are bulging, which there weren't.

I managed to get into the service menu and changed the power mode from standby to power on mode, which causes the tv to turn back on after it has turned itself off. When the it first started happening, it was only happening during TV commercials, and never happened on the BBC channels. Recently though it is happening all the time, even when watching the built in free view, leading me to believe that the problem is not solely due to bad hdmi connections. I tried to change from home mode to store mode, and as soon as the demo picture loads the tv switches off. Each time this happens, the main hisense logo loads as though the TV is restarting rather than simply just going into standby. I have tried updating the software, but every time I try it says that there is no new firmware.

Does anyone on here have any recommendations of what this problem could be? If so, I would greatly appreciate the help. If it helps, I live in the United Kingdom in the North East of England.

Kind regards.
Oct 30, 2018

Hi, thanks for your your reply. is this the right part I need?

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