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  1. A

    Question Blue Yeti sound problems

    My Blue Yeti records sound in stereo and the right channel is fine, but the left channel consists of only high-pitched noise. I'm fine with it when I want to record sound in Adobe Audition (I can simply delete the left channel), but I can't use my microphone in voice chats and Discord because of...
  2. W

    High ceilings muffling sound

    I recently moved and in our new house the speech for movies and tv shows sounds muffled and sometimes I can’t understand what is being said. Also, the action sequences or music is highly amplified verses speech only scenes. Our setup is a Vizio tv with an rca sound bar. In our former home this...
  3. C

    Sanyo DP42740 no sound through HDMI connection with Blu-Ray

    Hey guys. So I just bought a Samsung BD-J5700 blu-ray player to connect to my Sanyo DP42740 in order to use netflix. Bought a new Monster HDMI cable to connect the two. Well, everything comes through with video but no sound and the phrase "Please use audio 3 input for dvi connection" comes...
  4. X

    Problems with sound card?

    Hello all, well I'm here with a problem that has left me baffled and not quite sure what the problem is or how to fix it. One day, months ago, I woke up and put my headphones on and tried to play CS:GO and noticed there was no sound from the game. I am a pc gamer and spend most of my time on my...
  5. garrzilla

    Sound Working, but Not Playing

    So my PC is acting strange. My audio is working, I can see the volume bar move when playing music, but no sound comes out of back or front port. I am using on-board audio, and I have tested multiple headphones on the ports. I tried uninstalling and installing the up-to-date drivers, no luck.