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  1. M

    NAD c270 bee Lack of bass

    Hey , so i have a little problem ... I recently bought a set of b&w 685 S2 speakers , they sounded great in thé store but when i conected them at home to my Amp/reciever they showed a lack off bass , it's there but just not thé way i heard it in thé store .. so at first i thought that they were...
  2. E

    B&w Zeppelin wireless speaker

    Can i use it wirh MusicCast in a 2nd room?
  3. T

    Headphone sound cutting out below certain volume?

    While using my headphones (B&W P7 Wireless) on my PC (wired or bluetooth), when what I'm listening to goes below a certain volume it cuts of completely. How can I stop this, or at least reduce it? For example, when playing a game if I'm only standing there with background noise such as wind it...
  4. Tomjoppe28

    Best DAC under €200

    Hi i'm kind of new in the audio stuff but i do have some nice equipment. I'd like a dac to add to my speakers for under 200 euro. My speakers are a pair of B&W DM110's and my amplifier for them is a NAD 3400 its from the monitor series. (not much information about it on the internet but it sound...
  5. L

    Which of these iPod Docks? Bose vs B&W

    Hi all, My wife has a 7th Gen ipod nano and about 6 months ago we bought a Pure Contour i1. turns out although it fits, their firmware doesnt seem to play ball with them. And their D1 although some people say they use 7th Gen, doesnt 'officially' support it. So avoiding buying another one. Now...
  6. D

    Scanned black text white spots/artifacts/dots

    I scanned a document mostly containing black colored text. Scan settings were 300 ppi and B&W mode. Text is black on paper with no white spots visible to the naked eye. Scanned text has white spots. What could be the causing them? This is a part of the scanned document zoomed to 300%: Thanks!
  7. C

    Help with entire 5.1 setup.

    I have a 5.2 denon AVR- S500BT that used to run the KLF 10 speakers, beta c360 center, RF2 II speakers, and the sub in a much larger room. I have sense moved to a 12 by 12 room which feels pretty tight with that setup still. I have sense taken two B&W DM 600 s3's and want to replace either the...
  8. A

    Sansui quad receiver

    I have a sansui quad receiver that I want to try out with 2 B&W CDM 7SE for the front and 2 CDM 1 SE for the rear. The sansui is rated at 25 watts per channel into 4 speakers and these B&W's are rated at 30 watts minimum. can this set up cause damage to the speakers and how could I get more...
  9. D

    Will my B&W speakers work in the US?

    I bought a pair of nice Bowers & Wilkins CM5 speakers when we lived in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is 220V while the US is 110V. I knew the Yamaha amp I had in the system would not work in the US so I got rid of it. The speakers I was not so sure about and kept them when we moved. Now I have unwrapped...
  10. valzi

    Best digital camera for b&w stills under $600

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions. My previous camera is a Minolta Maxxum 7000 from 1985. I've always developed the film and photographs myself. If I can get a digital camera that's notably better than that (I no longer have access to a dark room or the money to keep spending on the...
  11. P

    Speakers for my Xonar Essence STX

    Please help me select a pair of speakers for Xonar Essence STX.. Budget: USD$1000.. Currently looking at: 1. KEF X300A 2. B&W MM-1 3. Corsair SP2500 4. Klipsch Promedia 2.1 I am open to any suggestions other than the options above.. Ty bros and sis..
  12. michael diemer

    Merging Speaker Systems

    I have a set of old B&W bookshelf speakers, and a set of Klipsch Pro Media computer speakers. The subwoofer on the Klipsch is decent, but the little tabletop speakers not so much. I'm wondering if I can merge the two speaker sets. Here's the plan: use the little tabletop speakers to plug into...