Best digital camera for b&w stills under $600


Jul 13, 2010
Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

My previous camera is a Minolta Maxxum 7000 from 1985. I've always developed the film and photographs myself. If I can get a digital camera that's notably better than that (I no longer have access to a dark room or the money to keep spending on the materials necessary for one.)

I'd prefer to not spend more than $600. If I can spend less than that, that would be better.

I'll be making black and white images to be printed at gallery quality, so I suspect I'll always shoot in RAW, based on what I've read.

I don't care about video.

I'll primarily be shooting close and macro shots, but will also be doing some portraiture. I often use a tripod. High-speed shots aren't very important to me.

I generally hate flashes. I use natural light and (occasionally) studio light.

I'd appreciate lens recommendations as well, even if you're just recommending that I take a kit lens.



Jul 13, 2010
Thanks, Bill!

I was born in the 80's, and I only have 2 lenses (one of which I can't use much because I don't have much purpose for a telephoto lens). I should have mentioned that.

I don't mind shooting manual, but what is the $500 paying for? Is it just the color system? If so, you're right. I'm too focused on black and white for that to matter for me. I've seen Nikons and Canons that seemed similar but had several assistance features. I didn't realize that my Minolta lenses would still work on any modern cameras though! That's neat. I'm not very invested in them though.

I like the analog controls on the Fuji (though I'm sure I could adjust to always using a screen if I needed to.)

I do like a good viewfinder. Good guess. I think I could adjust to spending time with the LCD, but the viewfinder forces me to think IN the photo itself.
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