Which of these iPod Docks? Bose vs B&W

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Aug 27, 2012
Hi all,

My wife has a 7th Gen ipod nano and about 6 months ago we bought a Pure Contour i1. turns out although it fits, their firmware doesnt seem to play ball with them. And their D1 although some people say they use 7th Gen, doesnt 'officially' support it. So avoiding buying another one.

Now its her Birthday I want to get a decent one. It will just be for kitchen use, and the Nano doesnt have AirPlay and the Bluetooth is probably more effort then just docking it - since we won't be carry it around with us a lot she'd prefer a dock.

As such, I've looked around and these three stand out, my budget is around £150, and its for the Kitchen and maybe the Living room, so don't want anything huge.

My options:
B&W Z2
Bose SoundDock III
Bose SoundDock XT

The XT has no remote, NOWHERE says the speaker output, but a lot cheaper. No reviews about it beside Amazon yet, anyone used one or know if its a decent speaker or just a typical cheap model theyve gone with?

The SoundDock III and the Z2 are obviously superior, but I don't know which of the two would be better.

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