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  1. G

    Solved! audio quality and volume in android vs apple

    hello, i have an ipod nano and when i play music using my headphones (Sennheiser Momentum 2 wired) the volume is way higher than my oneplus 6t (same audio file) (also the volume is higher in my brothers iphone x but still not as good as my ipod) , why is that? and can i make my oneplus like or...
  2. H

    ipod nano question 2

    Will the iphone 4 charger work on an ipod nano 4th gen?
  3. H

    ipod nano question

    so, i've ordered a used ipod nano 4th generation from a web page, and i didn't get a usb cable, how do i charge my ipod (i live in croatia)
  4. L

    Which of these iPod Docks? Bose vs B&W

    Hi all, My wife has a 7th Gen ipod nano and about 6 months ago we bought a Pure Contour i1. turns out although it fits, their firmware doesnt seem to play ball with them. And their D1 although some people say they use 7th Gen, doesnt 'officially' support it. So avoiding buying another one. Now...
  5. William Norberg

    Ipod nano worth

    Ipod Nano 5th Generation. What could i sell this piece of apple for?
  6. 2

    Third party replacement for iPod Nano click wheel?

    So my 3rd gen iPod Nano (5 years old now) got included in the washer last month. Two days ago, I charged it and it turned on. Awesome! Not quite. The problem is the click wheel is not working. Now I'm stuck in the setup screen. Is there a way I can substitute/replace the click wheel? Apple's...
  7. mjmjpfaff

    Best headphones for 50-80$

    i have a 4th generation ipod nano and my apple headphones broke and i have been using crap headphones for a few months and i am really longing for a good pair. i have found these headphones via cnet. do you have any other recommendations or which ones do you think are the best that i have found...
  8. T

    About ipod nano

    Hello, sir, my ipod nano is not restore,ipod is recovery mode. say this massage. what can i do
  9. N

    Good Itouch screen protector?

    Hi guys, I am getting Itouch 4g, and I would like to have screen protector for it. (my old Ipod nano 3rd gen didn't have any protection and it's all messed) so I need your suggestion for the screen protector, what are good choices? I did some research, but there are so many products and...
  10. stumpiesgrump

    8gb ipod nano. does not recognize any mp3 music

    was given an ipod nano. it does not recognize any mp3 music i load from my pc (use winamp). suggestions ? giver of unit unable to assist. -stev
  11. Marcus Yam

    Next-gen iPod Nano to Also be a Tiny Camera?

    The little watch-sized iPod nano could turn into the ultimate video device at the gym. Next-gen iPod Nano to Also be a Tiny Camera? : Read more
  12. razercultmember1

    Can I use my LG USB charger with my iPod Nano (5th generation)?

    Question: Can I use my LG USB charger with my iPod Nano (5th generation)? Materials: LG Cosmos battery: 3.7V 950mAh 3.6Wh --- LG USB charger: Input: 100-240V-50/60hz 0.2A Output: 5.1V (direct current symbol) 0.7A iPod Nano 5th generation (probably doesnt make a difference, but iPod cable...
  13. G

    My ipod nano 6 gen problems

    When i click on pictures it resets my whole ipod and im confused..
  14. G

    Forget iPod Nano, get a Real Touchscreen Watch

    Kenneth Cole's Digi-Touch line gives you the touch. Forget iPod Nano, get a Real Touchscreen Watch : Read more
  15. G

    How to Turn your iPod Nano into a Wristwatch

    Who needs those weird Japanese watches, anyway? How to Turn your iPod Nano into a Wristwatch : Read more
  16. G

    Ipod questions

    Hello, My ipod nano is working fine, but my screen is dark. I have tried to adjust settings and backlight, but did not work.
  17. K

    How do you charge an ipod on a computer

    Hello, im trying to charge my ipod nano on the computer at skool and it just keeps saying "connecting" how do i get it to sync and charge?
  18. G

    IPod Nano 5th - Edit video?

    Hello, My wife just got an iPod Nano 5th gen, with the video capture capability. We're looking for a (hopefully free) program that will allow up to trim the videos (is that the correct term? I can't remember... what is it again?) Basically we just want to cut some clips (i.e. 30 seconds) out...
  19. G

    Ipod nano 6th generation

    what does the ipod nano 6 gen look like
  20. JMcEntegart

    Man Uses New iPod Nano to Shoot Up-Skirt Video

    A Kobe man has been arrested for trying to take an up-skirt video with an iPod Nano. Man Uses New iPod Nano to Shoot Up-Skirt Video : Read more
  21. JMcEntegart

    New iPod Nano Records Video, Has FM Tuner

    So the Apple event is over and there was one big surprise: no camera for the iPod Touch. New iPod Nano Records Video, Has FM Tuner : Read more
  22. C

    Good cheap PMP?

    I donate plasma, which takes about 1.5 hours, and would like something to watch. I already have an ipod nano so this would be just for watching tv shows, movies, etc. I want to spend the least amount of money possible, so what would be a good pmp that I can look at?
  23. G

    Apple iPod Nano: The Smallest MP3 Player with A Color Display

    the ipod mini is big!
  24. gxsolace

    Apple Unveils New iPod Nano; Ultra Slim

    Apple today unveiled a brand new iPod Nano. The new ultra-portable music player is essentially the same size as the first and second generation Nano but now has a wider aspect ratio screen, full aluminum metal body and a full glass screen. The new Nano b Apple Unveils New iPod Nano; Ultra Slim...
  25. S

    iPod Nano - Recovery Mode

    I have an iPod Nano and iTunes shows that it is in recovery mode. When I restore back to original settings, I still have the same problem. Note: I originally setup this iPod through iTunes on my work computer...which crashed and I was given a new laptop. Ever since I have had this problem...
  26. G

    Pink Joins The iPod Nano Lineup

    Apple has begun offering a pink version of its iPod Nano, in addition to the already available silver, black, blue, green and red versions. Pricing remains the same: The 8 GB iPod goes for $200, the 4 GB model for $150. Pink Joins The iPod Nano Lineup : Read more
  27. usktech

    iPod nano 3rd generation doesnt play :: the rest works fine

    hi, a friend of mine got the nano 3rd generation 2 weeks ago and now when she tries to listen to music it just stays at 0:00. something is clearlò worng but can you fix it without bringing it back to the store (espacially now since it takes 2-3weeks to get back at this time of year), such as...
  28. boner

    ipod nano 6th generation problem

    ok i got this ipod nano 8GB 1.0.1 firmware version and i have windows vista home premium sp1 641 and i dont know why this piece of crap does not recognize my ipod!!!
  29. enewmen

    Can Creative's Zen Rival Apple's iPod Nano?

    Useless until there is a simple RCA video out to the TV. (I hope) A future generation will have HDMI.
  30. B

    Sleek Samsung Sounds

    With the simple and sleek K3, Samsung goes head to head with the iPod Nano- and also takes a side swipe at it with the do-it-all T9.
  31. F

    Which MP3 player is the better buy??

    I was thinking about getting a new mp3 player: either the 8GB i pod nano or the 8GB SanDisk Sansa e280, just wondering what your thoughts would be on making my decision. the pros and cons of each as well maybe... ipod nano: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16855101006 sansa...
  32. biohazard420420

    Curious about buying Ipod Nano but what mp3's can it play?

    Ok sorry to do a new post if there is already a topic on this ( I know there is but they are a year or more old and probably not get any new posts. I am thinking about buying an Ipod nano, no specific reason for that particular model or brand just what I was looking at. I have about 15,000...
  33. G

    Considering getting an iPod but I have a few concerns

    I've been wanting to get an iPod Nano for some time now but a few things are bothering me. First and most importantly is the battery. I’ve heard that if it dies you’re screwed, you can’t replace it because it’s permanently attached and Apple won’t service it after the first year. Also I want...
  34. X

    Ipod Help

    please help me decide weather to go for IPOD nano or video IPOD.And i would also like to know can i play vids frm my pc on the vidopod or do i have to download em frm the itunes site ??>??. :?