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    Ideas on a good laptop battery replacement?

    Soooo my laptop It's an Hp Envy x360 15-U0110DX. It's about 2 years old still running strong, and only had to get my motherboard checked but aside from that. The real "issue" at hand is finding a new battery, it's becoming more of a pain every day that passes. Any idea on good online shops that...
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    Lenovo y50 70 Battery Replacement

    Hello Helping peoples, My Name is Amir, i am a Graphic designer, and i have a laptop "Lenovo y50 70 , Model Number : 20378" i am working on this laptop since 1 year, and it worked Fab for me, unfortunately Now i am having problem with battery life :( when its charged 100% it gives only 50 - 60...