Ideas on a good laptop battery replacement?


Mar 12, 2016
Soooo my laptop It's an Hp Envy x360 15-U0110DX. It's about 2 years old still running strong, and only had to get my motherboard checked but aside from that. The real "issue" at hand is finding a new battery, it's becoming more of a pain every day that passes.

Any idea on good online shops that can sell me a good replacement?

I checked Hp part surfer and the part showed up as N/A so it's not available for purchase online at least, and I'm not interested in chucking out extra expenses for a few simple words with Hp. I don't want to bother with that I'm sure to be expensive mess.

Also I'm really trying to get one that's 3820mAh which is the mAh of the one I got with the laptop. It's 11.4v and Hp sent out a recall on a good handfull of battery replacements for my model and a few others so that might be why it's not available as a replacement part on hp, and I don't wanna buy a dud from a spot that missed the recall.

P.s I am eyeing a few on amazon.

Any help would be great... Sorry I typed so much lol.
Amazon, eBay, Newegg maybe. Spending more for an official HP battery is probably the way to go, the cheap ones do not last long at all and have a very high rate of failure when new or withing weeks.