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  1. R

    Which high-end real headphone, amp/dac or soundcard should i get?

    Hello, So I recently got myself inside audio industry. I mean, I saw on youtube that real high-end headphones(such as Sennheiser, bose, sony, beats and etc) are way superior to any headsets(such as Logitech G933, Corsair Void Pro Wireless and other virtual 7.1 high-end headsets which I...
  2. R

    Need help choosing a laptop

    I am buying a laptop and I have narrowed it down to two models with similar price which were recommended to me. I am unsure whether to go with a MacBook Air, or a Dell Inspiron 13 7000. The prices are similar (with discount code), the Dell is around £750, the MacBook Air around £850 - however...
  3. P

    my laptop is lagging with this ... sound

    my laptop is lagging and giving buzz sound, it happen randomly , please help my laptop is ACER V3-772G i am using windows 10 please help!!!! this is you tube link to this nightmare sound , i have tried to reinstal some drivers didint work for me...
  4. Izzaet

    Beats Audio Windows10

    beats audio disappear after install windows 10 with latest windows updates . Model : HP Pavillion 15-p247ne is there any solution ?? Thank You :)
  5. S

    What are the things to consider when buying a computer audio system?

    im planning to buy a audio system with sub woofers for my computer to play games,watch movies and for playing music loud.But i dont know a thing about audio systems because this is the first time im searching for one.there are so many audio systems out there for around the same price.How do i...
  6. L

    Help me choose the best sounding speakers

    Hello guys i have found a pair of 2.1 speakers, almost the same price, but i don't really know what's the best, so i will need your help. The first one is this and the last one is this...
  7. S

    Sound Coming from Speakers and Headphone

    Hey community, I have an Hp Envy Touchsmart 15-j067cl and recently gave my laptop an upgrade to windows 10. And ever since the sound has been coming thru my speaker and my headphones. This is really annoying as you can understand. I have tried this solution: control panel ->hardware and...
  8. J

    What are the best earphones i can buy for 30$ ???

    I am looking for a new pair of good quality earphones, i have the beats headphones but do not like them when i am out riding. I listen to a lot of hip hop so would like a set of earphones with good bass. What are the best earphones for around 30$ or 20£? Thanks for any future help
  9. X

    Can Beats Pill by dr. dre record audio?

    I am looking to buy a headphone with a built in microphone at first. while i was browsing for a suitable headphone i noticed a recommended product. it was beats pill by dr. dre. it seriously got my attention because there was a pretty good discount on it. i noticed it has got a built in...
  10. I

    New laptop, Bad graphics

    I just Purchased HP Beats 15 Notebook PC, and the graphics are horrible. I can't even run Mass Effect 1 on low settings at 15 FPS Is anyone else with the same laptop having this problem? Is this laptop defective? Here is the Processor - AMD A8-5545M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, 1700 Mhz, 4...
  11. O

    Astro A50's Headphone's

    Alrighty, I bought the Astro A-50 Xbox One editions (Gen 2 i think ) last week. These are my first high end headphones and personally I love the sound and think there great ! However a few minor things bug me because of the price tag. It had no battery indicator, it turn's off...
  12. T

    I am in the market for New Headphones and i dont know which kind to get.

    So i'll just through this out there. two years ago, I bought Beats and they blew out faster than i'd like headphones to. Regardless now i own a pair of Status Audio On ear headphones. They are nice but i want new ear buds or even around the ear wrapped head phones, color doesn't matter, sound...
  13. D

    Beats Wireless - Only one side works on Bluetooth, Both sides work on a wired connection

    Hi Forum, I recently got a pair of Beats wireless (2013 model) handed to me to fix, but I can't figure out the problem. On bluetooth only the right side (controller side) works the other is dead.., but when i plug them in using the 3mm jack both side work perfectly. I'm guess is they are...
  14. G

    Beats Debuts Solo2 Headphones, Snarkitecture Collaboration

    Hot off its acquisition by Apple, Beats has announced two new lines of headphones, the Solo2 and high-end Snarkitecture X Beats. Beats Debuts Solo2 Headphones, Snarkitecture Collaboration : Read more
  15. M

    where can i get my beats by dre headphones fixed

    I can only hear sound in one ear, where can i get my beats by dre headphones fixed?
  16. G

    Looking Headphones for $25

    I was always puzzled on where or how to find headphones because of so many brands and models with all diffrent sounds. I want headphones that are $25 (including shipping). ik these are the best at 25 but theirs gotta be some that are phenominal at that price range. I even looked at fake beats...
  17. B

    Wondering if these Beats are fake

    I found some Tour Beats on craiglist for $50, wondering if they're fake. It seems to be too good to be true, but don't know if this applies here. I did lookup some differences on how to spot fake ones by the box and these seem quite real, to me.