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    Question Single beep when I plug in my laptop

    I just bought a Predator Triton 500 for college about a day ago and everything was fine when I would plug it in and unplug it. However, about 6 hours after purchasing it the laptop made a single beep noise when I plugged it in and unplugged it and the beep is still happening. Is there something...
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    Dell Inspiron won't boot up, makes one single beep code

    Hi lads, I have a big problem in the neck on my friend's laptop. A few days ago he opened his laptop and all his desktop screen was squeezed. he presses something and it became stretched. But still he didn't like the result and he showed it to me. What I saw was a desktop with 1024x600...
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    HP G6 laptop problems

    So i have had this laptop for a few years, all has been good until recently. Lately i have been having a ton of issues sometimes the number 7 key is read as stuck on and will display '7' over and over again until i press backspace and sometimes it continues a little later, i also have been...
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    Dell Inspiron 15-R intermittent 8-beep error on boot

    Twice now I have received Dell's 8-beep Display error when trying to boot my Inspiron 15R laptop. Both times it was after I closed the laptop and traveled with it. Both times I fixed it by removing the battery. POST tests, once the problem is resolved, don't show an error. I can't seem to...