Dell Inspiron won't boot up, makes one single beep code


Nov 29, 2017
Hi lads,

I have a big problem in the neck on my friend's laptop.
A few days ago he opened his laptop and all his desktop screen was squeezed. he presses something and it became stretched. But still he didn't like the result and he showed it to me.

What I saw was a desktop with 1024x600 resolution (recommended) in the display settings.
And display drivers were fallen back to generic ones. Uninstall/Update driver did not help.

I went to Dell support site to check and download new graphics drivers. His laptop was old and I couldn't find service tag, so I installed Dell's Assistant. Their software has identified laptop's version and showed no new drivers. Snap! I thought. However, it showed it I have one update for BIOS. I hesitated for a min, then went ahead and update it. At that point, I had no more options.
And that was the last thing this laptop ever seen. After hitting OK to flash the BIOS. it showed for a sec the usual update screen. Then display went pitch black, sang to me some 8-bit song for couple sec and went dead silent. And I felt something went not right for sure.
During that blackout, the power button had white LED on and two LED on the front panel were on as well.. no blinking nothign... I left it for 20 mins. In case that was its strange way of flashing BIOS. After some time I figured out it ain't doing nothing. took the battery out and put it back. Pressed power button and here is what I've got

Laptop Model: Dell Inspiron 15, P10F001

Any idea what does this beep mean? Dell's docs aren't really helpful or I didn't find the right one.
And while we are at it any idea what happened to this laptop? Could it be a graphics chip failure in the first place?


Mar 25, 2011