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  1. J

    Solved! Hi there! I have an audio Mixer question.

    I have tried finding the answer to this question to no avail(spent hours!). The question is simple: I recently purchased a cheap Uphoria UM2 Behringer mixer to start out my journey into mixers. It is plugged directly into my computer's motherboard with the USB cable provided. I have an XLR mic...
  2. B

    Minix Neo U9-h connect to Behringer b112w

    Hi all.I want to connect the Minix Neo U9-h to a pair of PA speaker Behringer Eurolive b112w.At Minix I have only the optical out and mini jack 3.5 mm.From Behringer I have two XLR input.I don't want to connect them bluetooth or wireless because sound is not so great.Is a dac converter a better...
  3. M

    Solved! connecting studio monitors as 5.1 surround speakers

    hey i already have 4 monitors so i thought id only buy a center and a sub and could have a 5.1 system. the problem is that the monitors are already amplified. how can i connect them? from HDMI (gygabyte vega 64) to an adaptar (if there is something like this) or from the motherboard (asus...
  4. J

    AT2020 XLR lots of static (repost) desperate for help.

    Hey I just got this mic today and hooked it up to a Behringer PS400 Phantom Power Supply i plugged everything in correctly and the hiss is still there. It's really loud. heres a clip of me speaking. please help? thanks
  5. D

    Solved! Problem with behringer ddx3216

    Hello I'm Richard and I have a problem with the digital mixer Behringer DDX3216, it does not start normally almost never at the first power on, I have to turn on and off 3 0 4 times because the display appears (SMPTE not responding). after various tests it starts and works perfectly, what could...
  6. A

    Connect PC and Turntable to same speakers

    I currently am using an Behringer USB Audio Interface to connect my M-Audio BX5 speakers and headphones. I'm looking at getting a turntable to play vinyl and want to be able to connect both my Audio Interface and Turntable to the same set of speakers. The turntable i am looking at has RCA line...
  7. R

    I only have 2-channel and I need 1-channel audio. Behringer UM2

    I have the Behringer U-Phoria UM2 Audio Interface but I need 1-channel not 2-channel and I downloaded the driver for it and it only has 2-channel. Know how to get 1-channel? I use the mic for just gaming and talking with people on Discord so I wouldn't be using Sound Editor applications. I just...
  8. B

    how to set up Yamaha MG06YEM Analog Mixer to pc

    ive been having a bit of a problem setting this up for my son this is what i got Yamaha MG06YEM mixer Audio-Technica 20 Series AT2035 Behringer UCA222 USB Audio Interface 2 of 2 x RCA/Phono Plugs to 2 X RCA/Phono Plugs XLR to XLR Plug Microphone Cable 6.35mm (1/4") Male to 3.5mm (1/8")...
  9. M

    Absolutely insane static when running games/listening/producing music through USB Audio Interface in new PC

    So over four years ago I bought an Alienware x51, it served me well for a very long time, I used it as my main production/gaming PC until like 2 days ago. I had my two Yamaha HS5s hooked up to a behringer Uphoria 404hd, and that, via USB connected to my PC. I still have that same setup, but a...
  10. Desolator69

    M-Audio AV32.1 speaker hums and it won't go away

    Hey everyone, I recently bought a new 2.1 speaker setup, the M-Audio AV 32.1, however since plugging it in it seems to have a quiet but annoyingly noticeable hum. I got them off of eBay for £99.95 as they are a refurbished model (might be important?). The product page of the speakers...
  11. M

    Condenser Microphone Not Working. Please help.

    So I have a condenser (Alctron-MC320) and a mixer (Behringer XENYX Q502 USB) and I used both of them together for a while, A couple days ago my mic just decided not to work. (I need to turn the gain and volume of the mic to the max to make it work and even then it barley works and the static /...
  12. S

    Do I need to buy expensive sound hardware or I can get same resulat with Adobe Audition?

    Hi there, I have a MXL 990 mic and a behringer UMC 22 sound card. Quality seems good enough but I need to know for even a better quality do I need to buy expensive pre-amp/sound card or I can get similar result with softwares like Audition? I forget to say I'm going to record vocal for a video...
  13. Intel Fanboy 772

    What audio interface should I buy for mic setup.

    Hello all, I am quite new to audio recording in general, but I had done some gaming videos before, I am planning to return to that and I want to have OK audio to start with. Generally I used to use audacity to record some noise and then use noise removal, because with gain all up mic is picking...
  14. R

    Headphone Amplifier for pc Problem

    How would i use a (behringer microamp ha400) for my desktop gaming system.I have never used an amp for anything and i need one to make my headphones i use for music and gaming work properly but i dont know how and where to even to plug it in and if that thing even works for pc’s.Do i need...
  15. J

    Connecting multiple inputs to one output

    I want to have multiple inputs feeding into one output. would this mixer work? The outputs in question are Xbox, ps4, PC and my phone. all of which are regular 3.5mm jacks. Behringer MX400 Micromix Low Noise 4 Channel Mono Line Mixer...
  16. A

    Ms16 Behringer humming noise problem

    Hello, I have a hum problem with my speakers (ms16 behringer). Speakers start to produce that humming noise right after they get plugged into electricity network and turned on. It does not matter if they are connected to a source of input (PC, player or whatever). Playing with bass/treble/volume...
  17. L

    How do you hook up equalizer Behringer 1502 to VSX-1021?

    Hi I have equalizer Behringer 1502 but I don't know how to hook up pioneer VSX-1021? Thanks for help
  18. J

    Trying to stop hearing an XLR mic through my Behringer XEYNX 1202

    Hi, I'm looking for some help on solving an issue im having. I own an MXL 770 XLR Mic and a Behringer Xenyx 1202 Mixer. My issue is that I can hear myself speaking into the mic through the phones output. All I want to do is send my mic to a second PC through the main out because I am running a...
  19. 3

    Running Edifier s550 speakers thru a Behringer x1222 USB mixer

    Hi all I'm not really well versed in audio setup, and am wondering if the following is possible. I have the above mentioned hardware, see HERE and HERE and am wondering if its possible to run the Edifier speakers through the mixer somehow, and then in to my PC. All the satellite speakers hook...
  20. T

    How to connect HA60 to my behringer xenyx 802

    I am a KJ and the mixer I've been using is a behringer 802 that I have my 2 PA powered speakers connected to. There is no internal fx and my singers complain there is no echo. I have a harbinger HA60 4 channel powered mixer with built in fx. How can I use all of these together to be able to use...
  21. V

    Behringer ep2000 clip

    Hey guys im having a problem with my behringer ep2000 the clip light and signal light stays on in channel A whenever powering up the amplifier no output sound from the channel either any suggestions on this problem ...?
  22. A

    Audio Interface with RCA output.

    Hye guys, Sorry to ask buat I'm a beginner in Audio thing..I have an Audio Interface Behringer U Phoria UMC 2. And a stereo speaker Sony SS-VX3A which I have converted the wire to a RCA Cable. But when I connect it to the RCA output there is no sound came out from that speakers. And at the same...
  23. P

    Using behringer xenyx 502 mixer

    Behringer xenyx 502 mixer Can this be used with a mic and MacBook as an input and a Sony speaker as the output? Thanks
  24. T

    Behringer VP1800S passive subwoofers

    Tom, Can you daisy chain the Behringer VP1800S passive subs witch are rated at 400 watts continuous 1600 watts peak into a bridged 3100 watt power amp without frying the voice coils?
  25. avionNDVR

    HELP setting up Headset + Speakers

    Hey guys, so I need help setting up audio on my pc. I want to be able to set up my Behringer MS16 speakers which are arriving in a few days, while also allowing me to use Philips SPH9500's headset (Vmoda BoomPro Mic) at the same time...
  26. D

    Solved! Samsung TV optical audio output silly behavior

    I have been always connecting my Samsung TV (LE32C450) to a couple of Behringer monitors via Toslink. As a source, I had only used the TV itself or the internal Media Player, which plays audio or video from an external drive connected to the TV's USB connection. A few days ago I connected a sat...
  27. K

    DJ setup question

    I have a behringer europower pmp2000d powered mixer and a set of behringer Eurolive VS1520 PA Speakers for a dj setup...but i can't seem to get enough power/volume ... is the powered mixer not big enough or are the speakers too small for the powered mixer?
  28. D

    Two channel or not two channel, that is the question.

    I can’t seem to find the answer to a situation that isn’t covered ANYWHERE. I have a Behringer acoustic ACX450 two channel 45 watt amp. It’s advertised as, (and states right on the front of it), “45 watt 2-channel acoustic instrament amplifier.” Each channel has separate inputs with their...
  29. P

    Solved! Blown channel on amp

    I have a Behringer EP2000. I was ahving a party and one of my subwoofers was making a weird popping noise. A couple seconds later a big bang comes from the amp so I take it apart and one of the main filter capacitors was blown, I looked up for new capacitors and 1 capacitor is about 10$ but I...
  30. D

    How do you connect a foldback speaker to the Behringer XENYX Q1202USB mixer for live gigs?

    How do you connect a foldback speaker to the Behringer XENYX Q1202USB mixer for live gigs? I have a SWAMP PAJ-12BM 2-way, Bi-Amped, 180W RMS Powered PA Speaker that I have tried to set up as a foldback for live gigs but have had no success. Help!!!
  31. iandcn

    Using A USB Mixer As External Soundcard

    Situation: I'm a newbie looking up to get better audio out of my computer. I'm on a low budget and there are very limited items available in my country. I'm eyeing on Behringer Xenyx Q502USB mixer. It has built-in audio interface and phantom power for a mic. I'd like to ask you guys if you...
  32. P

    Would the BEHRINGER U-CONTROL UCA222 be good enough to power Sennheiser PC350 Special Edition High Performance Gaming Headset?

    So I have been looking for a headset and came across the Sennheiser PC350SEs: From what I have read these would be very good for gaming, but I'm kind of a...
  33. D

    Question about 2 PC and PS4 Audio

    Hello TM Community Soon i will add a Playstation 4 to my Gaming Setup, and i am now looking for a Solution to get the Sound of both, my pc and my ps4, to output on the same 2.1 Stereo System. Right now my system is Connected via RCA to my Behringer UCA222 External Sound Device which is...
  34. T

    Phantom Power on Xenyx 502USB?

    I want to buy an AT2020 mic and Xenyx 502USB mixerboard to connect to my pc, will that work? Some people say the mixerboard does not have phantom power while some claims it has? Do you know the truth?
  35. 8

    Behringer Xenyx 502 Mic setup

    Hello, I have my new xenyx 502 audio mixer, I already have setup my audio but I cant get the microphone working.... I putted the mic into the line in (the 6.5mm input), and the 2x RCA output into my mic input of my PC but it isn't working.... Could someone help my with this problem??
  36. H

    cables for two buttkickers

    Hi I want to connect two Buttkickers ( to two Channel Behringer Amp...
  37. M

    Xlr Mic To Mackie Mixer To Pc Sounds Amazing With Audacity But Horrible Though Skype! Please Help!

    I bought a Audio-Technica AT2035 and a Behringer Q502USB and a few cables. Returned the piece of shit Behringer and got the Mackie Mix 8. Everything sounds great when recording with Audacity but when I'm in a skype call my friend says it sounds worse then my C920 webcam. Do need to buy a usb...
  38. A

    Needing help with setting up a mixer to PC.

    This Christmas, I'm considering purchasing a Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer ( and an AudioTechnica AT2020 XLR microphone. I already know how to set...
  39. TheAskingParrot

    Buying an Audio Mixer

    I'm getting ready to buy an Audio Mixer for my gaming setup but I have some questions. For my setup I have picked out Behringer XENYX502 5-Channel Mixer Just a starter, Will upgrade when I can Audio-Technica AT2035 BEHRINGER U-CONTROL UCA222 So my first question is when I was doing some...
  40. I

    Behringer 302USB Xenyx 5 Input Mixer + Audio Technica AT2020

    Hello I recently purchased a Behringer 302USB Xenyx 5 Input Mixer and a AT2020 with an XLR cable off a Amazon, I setup the Behringer Mixer to my computer with the USB, it says power on and I've connected my AT2020 with XLR cable, but whenever i plugin my headphones into the mixer and goto...
  41. Y

    Help choosing a speaker and subwoofer.

    I have a discrete sound card, Creative ZxR - 24bit/192khz, and I was hoping to get the best of it by picking a good set of speakers, actually trying make a 2.1 or maybe even a 5.1 system later depending of which I go for. So the options I got here are: Pioneer sp-bs22(passive bookshelf...
  42. R

    What amp do i need to connect a set of passive speakers to the 2442USB

    I am a total novice and have recently purchased a Behringer 2442 USB mixer. I would like to use a set of passive speakers with the deck but need to know where to connect the amp and if any particular amp is recommended. I am trying to use the full 10 microphone outputs for a group. Can anyone...
  43. T

    Speakers make a wierd sound .

    My speakers make a wierd sound when i play songs with bass but this happens some times. Also happens when i plug my headphones on the speakers. My speakers are behringer ms16.
  44. F

    Help me Please

    This is on a MOBO soundcard so I have no audio in and out just the typical Red/Green/Blue connections. Hi guys, I recently bought a Behringer 802 mixer to hook up my duel pc stream set-up. Everything is working great however, when I call my friends on skype they can hear everything ( my voice...
  45. L

    behringer x1622usb no audio...

    Hi all, Im bought an used 1622 mixer.. The problem.. It doesn't bring out audio...even the leds level meter are not responding to the playing audio... But the fx leds near the fx screen are do responding..... Well,which parts im need to check? If I'll spray with contact spray, may that help? And...
  46. O

    Mixer help needed!

    I am lookung into buying the Behringer 802 8 Input 2 Bus Mixer. And i would like to know if I connect a XLR mic to it, and sound from my pc will It split the two sources into two lines. For example The mic is connected on line 1 on the mixer and audio is on line 2, so I select line1for a...
  47. B

    CAN I USE 2 4 OHM speakers one side of my amplifier

    HI ALL TECHNO'S I bought 4 SPEAKERS(peavey impulse 1012) at 4 ohm each And my amplifier (BEHRINGER) can handle think 4ohm lowest 2 ohm QUESTION. ...Can I use 2 4 ohm speakers on one (each side) of my amplifier BIG THANKS ROELOF PAAS
  48. J

    behringer europro 1602 mixer

    how do I get the europro 1602 mixer to allow me to record on my reel-reel from my cassette, cd, and turntables?
  49. R

    Best microphone for under $150

    I am looking for good microphones for voice recording/podcasting, no singing. I want it to be XLR not USB because usb microphones are generally poop when it comes to XLR mics, also because I want to get the most out of the mic with the RME Babyface. It also must be a cardioid mic (A mic with...
  50. X

    How can I get a schematic for a Behringer Vintager V110, or parts for this amp

    I have a Behringer VIntager V110 and wish to make some repairs but can't find a schematic for it. I cannot find any parts for it either.
  51. DanielJ

    [Audio Interface] Is my best bet the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2?

    I'm planning to get an Audio Technica 2020 or Studio Projects B1 condenser (for use with my computer), and after doing some research I'm not sure on which audio interface to pick. Behringer has a bunch of cheap mixers; some even have USB. They have a lot more inputs and outputs than the Scarlett...
  52. G

    How to connect a mixer to a mixer to get more available channel inputs

    I want to connect a simple mixer to another mixer to get more channels to connect xlr microphones...(I have the Behringer PMP2000)