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  1. D

    Solved! Best Laptop for Video Editing Under $800AUD - Lenovo i5 or Acer A9? Help!

    Hi, I need to choose a laptop for some video editing - mainly 1080p, some 4K - and I need to choose between these laptops. This laptop will also be my day-to-day laptop and I hope it should last all the way thru high school (yr7-yr12) This one...
  2. pazdindalal

    Best Laptop under 22000 RS

    Hi I would like to buy a budget laptop for 18000 - 22000 rs There are few things I want in it are 4 GB RAM ,a Nvidia or AMD GPU Optic drive these are a few of the things I need PS: a DOS/Ubunutu OS is ok I have a spare windows copy left
  3. L

    Best Gaming Laptop for $500-$600?

    Hello, I've recently been looking for a good laptop for gaming. I know laptops aren't as good as PC's for gaming and I don't have a higher budget. I have a PC for gaming atm but It's really annoying due to the lack of mobility. Anyways, title says it all. I'm currently looking at these few...
  4. A

    Best Laptop help

    Im looking for a good new laptop to last me for a good while and see me through university where i hope to study music. Im looking for good specs and really not a downgrade from my current i5, 6GB samsung which im replacing because of faults. I would ideally like an optical/ cd drive but am...
  5. C

    Multitasking laptop under $700

    Budget? >> $700. Preferred size? >> 15.9 inches and below. Screen resolution? >> Doesn't matter. Battery life? >> One that lasts 4 hours or more. Do you want to play games? >> I play Dota 2 but when I have free time only, which is rare. What tasks do you want to do with your laptop? >>...