Best Gaming Laptop for $500-$600?


Mar 15, 2014
Hello, I've recently been looking for a good laptop for gaming. I know laptops aren't as good as PC's for gaming and I don't have a higher budget. I have a PC for gaming atm but It's really annoying due to the lack of mobility.
Anyways, title says it all. I'm currently looking at these few: (out of stock for that price just about everywhere)

I think that the second one is the best out of the three, but I'd love if someone can help me pick or suggest something better in the price range. Also specs I'd at least want are
RAM: 6GB ddr3
CPU: Whatever dualcore that's pretty up to date
GPU: Whatever that's works well for gaming
OS: W 7/8
HD: 1 TB
Thanks! Please help! [: