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  1. R

    Can I play GTA 5 AND FIFA 17 on my laptop?

    Can I run FIFA 16, FIFA 17 and GTA 5 or GTA 4 on my laptop? Configurations - Intel i3 6006U 6th gen processor ( 2 GHz clock speed) 4 GB ram and Nvidia geforce 920M 2 GB graphics card 5400 rpm 3mb cache Please reply fast.
  2. T

    Choosing a new Laptops

    I currently have the Macbook air 2015 edition, I am looking to get a new laptop. My University isn't very big on Apple, and they reccomend having a Windows laptop. So therefore I am going to be switching over The tricky part here is that i want a laptop that is functional for doing homework...
  3. SlapThatpAssport

    HD 598 is a good gaming headphone?

    Is the Sennheiser HD 598 a good headphone for gaming? I will use on PC and I also use console. I don't want headset its because people say it ruins the audio. If you can't answer these questions, just try to answer the above: 1. Is this 7.1? 2. I have a laptop, so the sound card isn't...
  4. N

    Gaming Laptop for under $1280 AUD

    My brother is getting a laptop, the budget it in the title, we are not going over it. We want to get him a decent laptop for running games on for that amount in AUSTRALIA. Not the US. All sites should be in Australia, it's his birthday on the 9th of June, so we need it to be within Sydney or...
  5. L

    Can this laptop run Grand Theft Auto 5?

    Hey guys, newbie here! I am shopping for a new laptop that I will primarily use for school and occasionally gaming. I was thinking of building a new gaming desktop, but I am constantly moving places so portability is a must. Anyways, I was checking this laptop out on Amazon and was wondering if...
  6. L

    Best Gaming Laptop for $500-$600?

    Hello, I've recently been looking for a good laptop for gaming. I know laptops aren't as good as PC's for gaming and I don't have a higher budget. I have a PC for gaming atm but It's really annoying due to the lack of mobility. Anyways, title says it all. I'm currently looking at these few...
  7. S

    Brand New Laptop. Noisy fan.

    Hello, I am new to this website. I currently bought a new gaming laptop 3 weeks ago. The laptop model is msi ge70 onc. I bought the laptop mostly for video editing,watching movies, photo editing and surfing the web. I sold my pc and bought this new laptop because my old PC was really bad and it...