Gaming Laptop for under $1280 AUD


Oct 22, 2014
My brother is getting a laptop, the budget it in the title, we are not going over it.

We want to get him a decent laptop for running games on for that amount in AUSTRALIA. Not the US. All sites should be in Australia, it's his birthday on the 9th of June, so we need it to be within Sydney or have good shipping or be near Sydney (so Australian sites only). MSY is preferred ATM. I've found these, so please feel free to suggest alternatives for the same price if they are actually better, but if not please help me out with deciding which is better as I'm better with desktop hardware than laptops, but a desktop is not an option or his room.

I do understand there will be nothing amazing for this price, but as long as it can run most games at 30+FPS on high settings.

The choices so far seem to be:

Thanks in advance for any help.