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  1. S

    Question Cellphone Carriers in the USA, what carriers would you recommend? Cheap Carriers.

    What carrier should I buy for an unlimited data plan? What carrier do you recommend that is also cheap? And has good customer service. I don't have a big income so I need a cheap carrier. Are there any new companies that have had good service?
  2. firstlov

    Question Good affordable laptop that can handle sims4 with packs and cc?

    i want to get a laptop that would run sims 4 with cc and the cats & dogs pack (maybe more packs in the future) smoothly, but i dont know anything about laptops... im planning to use it for school work, youtube, and sims 4, and maybe minecraft.. Heres the issue: my budget is 600$ bc im a student...
  3. Nordstrom

    Question Laptops and College

    Hello! I am going to be starting my undergraduate course at the end of September and I need a good gaming laptop that will keep me going for 3 years. I am looking for something with a reasonable price tag. Thanks for helping me!
  4. Can You Help Me Please

    What Is The Best Media To Save My Music Recordings To?

    One discovery that is really a no brainer is online storage, but host also have hard drive crashes issues too, but even if I could hold them liable, I would rather have what I recorded then money that doesn't mean nothing for the work I put into my music. I was sort of thinking of getting a...
  5. S

    What kind of laptop would be great for an architect student?

    I'm an architecture student in the market looking for a good laptop that will last a few years. It's got to be sturdy and portable, but also lightweight. I'm not very good with understanding computer specs and such, so I need some guidance finding a laptop that can run programs like AutoCAD and...
  6. A

    Looking for a affordable android tablet

    I need to buy a tablet with reasonable price , please suggest me!
  7. N

    Gaming Laptop for under $1280 AUD

    My brother is getting a laptop, the budget it in the title, we are not going over it. We want to get him a decent laptop for running games on for that amount in AUSTRALIA. Not the US. All sites should be in Australia, it's his birthday on the 9th of June, so we need it to be within Sydney or...
  8. T

    Picking an affordable laptop that will last long (5 years +)

    Hey guys, I have been researching extensively because, before a couple days ago, I did not know much about computers, especially the specs. I want to make sure I get a great, affordable laptop that will last long and most importantly avoid being gimped or scammed by the corporations. For...
  9. M

    Laptop suggestions for playing Tera, Minecraft, and Runescape

    I wanted the Razer but its really expensive so I'm looking for anything similar. I just like how slim and Macbook pro the chasis for the Razer is. So if anyones got a suggestion to a more affordable laptop that can run Tera then please! List down below ! I know desktop is alot cheaper ive got...