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  1. D

    Question Help me find best cheap laptop for my needs

    Hello! Looking for best laptop choice for cheap needs 1. What is your budget? Cheapest possible... lower then 1000 ? 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? From 15'' to 17'' 3. What screen resolution do you want? N/A, Matte screen 4. Do you need a portable or...
  2. S

    Question Cellphone Carriers in the USA, what carriers would you recommend? Cheap Carriers.

    What carrier should I buy for an unlimited data plan? What carrier do you recommend that is also cheap? And has good customer service. I don't have a big income so I need a cheap carrier. Are there any new companies that have had good service?
  3. Megdoh

    Solved! Old camcorder brands that still work? 8mm video specific

    Do you have any suggestions for old camcorders that play 8mm video? Looking for something to play old videos. Preferably something that has an input (or multiple) that will allow me to plug a device to transfer to a digital format. (Also something I need....) 
 if you know of a long-lasting...
  4. S

    Laptop to buy under £350 that can do light gaming?

    Hello there, I'm afraid this is yet another one of these posts.... but I spent my lunch break scratching my head for ages trying to find a useful answer for my use case....also a lot of the laptops I looked at aren't well priced in the UK or are not available :( Here goes: 1. What is your...
  5. Senpos

    Solved! Budget Headphones for Rock-music

    Hello. I am looking for headphones under $50. 90% of the time i will be listening to rock music on my PC with no external sound card. I have found so many good reviews about Superlux models, but i can't choose, there are to many of them. Most popular ■ Superlux HD668B (imp: 56) - $38 ■...
  6. Corey Martin

    Good Laptops $300 USD and Below?

    I am selling my current laptop because it's too big and bulky. I'm just wondering if anyone knows any nice, 13 inch or below laptops under $300. They can be Chromebooks, Windows laptops, or even MacBooks! I'm looking for one with moderate battery life, and I may do some light video editing (720p...
  7. T

    Looking for a Cheap 17inch Laptop

    Hi, I need a good laptop for a programming study. -Heavy multitasking high ram usage of heavy programs lots of browserring multi tabs. -Outside allot, cannot charge, need long battery duration -I aim not to play any video games but do render videos The best graphic card i don't need...
  8. Naozomi

    Need help getting into the VR scene

    So I've noticed my computer is aging and I'm hoping to extend it's life a bit more and get some VR time with it before I rip out the motherboard someday for one that uses DDR4 RAM...I want to postpone that as long as I can since I'd need to purchase the MB, RAM, and the CPU pretty much all at...
  9. M

    Questions about Cameras

    Hi I hope everyone is doing well. So, I was thinking about buying a new camera. I'm a beginner, I have never had a Camera before and I don't know how to use it (well probably I can figure it out, but I don't know anything about DSLR features. I hope you got the point ). So I was searching for a...
  10. M

    Good microphone for under $30

    I'm looking for a cheap microphone for under $30. I just need one to be able to talk to friends on Skype or discord and be able to use in game chats. I know there is not much in this price range but I don't want to spend $50+ on a microphone I don't use very often
  11. C

    looking for a cheap gaming hybrid laptop

    anyone know a cheap hybrid touchscreen laptop for games like gta5 or sims 4 would a hp pavilion x360 be compatible??
  12. L

    Good Laptop For Streaming Netflix And CS:GO/Minecraft

    Hi i'm just going to make this short, sweet and simple. I'm looking for a laptop that can play minecraft at around 100fps, stream Netflix, download movies, play movies and obviously has a hdmi or mini hdmi or any sort of port that i can connect it up to my tv. My budget is £400 max. Please...
  13. A

    cheap and comfortable headset

    Hi guys, I want to buy a comfortable headset because I usually put them on for few hours. I've seen few on amazon but all of them have small "ear cup" or whatever it's called which means it will placed on my ears not over them. I hope I made the picture clear :) I spend most of the time on...
  14. M

    Decent Light gaming laptop around 650-700$?

    Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone knew or would recommend any laptop that I can use for the basic school stuff and some light gaming here and there for games like league of legends and some steam games like csgo. You know the basic stuff atleast a decent i5 processor and 8gb ram.
  15. A

    8 GB ram laptop in Stuttgart

    Hi, I'm in Stuttgart for couple of weeks. Is it a good place to buy cheap laptops or would Frankfurt be better. I'm looking for 8 GB ram with i3 or i5 processor. Any idea what the approx price would be for a cheap no frills laptop. Thanks Amy
  16. D

    Student/Programming Laptop $300-$500

    I am in the market for a student laptop, as I already have a gaming desktop, but need something more portable. I am not looking for a powerhouse, just something that can handle word processing, chrome etc. I also need to be able to run some basic coding programs. I would prefer a Windows...
  17. D

    Fast laptop, low price

    Hello everyone, soon it will be my sisters birthday and she is looking at getting a new laptop. She is after something that will be very fast, able to play the sims 3/4 and could last her for a good few years. I need something in the price range of between £200 - £300 from a trusted seller...
  18. G

    Looking for a decent bridge or DSLR camera for around $150~220

    Hey Tom's Guides, I am in need of a camera for some basic photography and video recording. Now, I am somewhat new to this field and I was looking for something that could record 1920x1080 at 30/fps so I could upload footage to YouTube and Social Media. Now, I want something that has a bit...
  19. N

    Gaming Laptop for under $1280 AUD

    My brother is getting a laptop, the budget it in the title, we are not going over it. We want to get him a decent laptop for running games on for that amount in AUSTRALIA. Not the US. All sites should be in Australia, it's his birthday on the 9th of June, so we need it to be within Sydney or...
  20. THM01

    Best Speakers for under $40 USD - Seeking opinions!

    Hello, I've got a tall order... I do video editing and light audio editing and am looking for some speakers (any kind) for $40 USD or less that have better quality audio than my current speakers (which are starting to hiss at me after a faithful 6 years of service). Thanks!
  21. G

    Cheapest Digital Cameras for Photography, Youtube Videos and blogging?

    My budget is only 200 to 300 dollars. My main use is for taking Architectural photos for my photo collection and for my studies in Architecture school. I also want to use this for taking 1080p HD videos for Youtube videos and also for my life blog. :) The bigger the SD storage the better, and...
  22. L

    Looking for a cheap laptop [$450]

    Hello! I'm looking for a cheap laptop under $450 (USD) that I can use to play Minecraft and maybe browse the web. Thanks!
  23. I

    I am looking for a laptop for streaming HD video and word processing

    Hello, i have recently joined college, i have a high powered PC at home so i dont need anything amazing in power. I just wanted a laptop for all of the endless assignments i have to write so i dont have to keep coming to my computer and typing it out. It would also be nice for watching netflix...
  24. A

    OS to Bypass Administrator Set Permissions

    As the title states I would like to know of any OS that bypasses any sort of Administrator set permissions. I faintly remember hearing something about Linux Lite doing this but I can't seem to find any info on it apart from reviews. So if you could help me out with this it'd be great. Cheers...
  25. R

    Where would be the cheapest place to buy alienware

    Hi, Hello Everyone I am just wondering where I could buy a cheap brand new Alien ware 13 (Preferably under 1000). And yes I know that alienware is not he best computer but I still want to buy one ;)
  26. Q

    Cheap Bluetooth Speaker

    Hi guys, I am about to buy Earson ER151, or those Bolse I am on budget and my only question is if the sound is going to be noticably better than built in speakers on Macbook retina 15 that I have. I am not having big expectations I just want something more decent when watching movies. Thanks...
  27. C

    Looking for a budget laptop - up to 400$ - for general purpose

    Hi. I'm looking to buy a new laptop to my sister-in-law. She really doesn't need an expensive one, rather than one she can do ordinary 'office' tasks with, like surfing the net, writing docs and such. Her budget so-far is 400$, and the most important things are (Prioritized downward): ■ 14"-15"...
  28. J

    Most comfortable headset with 7.1 surround sound?

    I'm looking for a headset for extended use, up to 10hrs at a time with 7.1 surround sound. I don't need a mic with it but it has to be comfortable. I'm willing to spend £100-£150 but prefer it to be under that price range. I've had expensive headsets in the past but they all become very...
  29. M

    HELP! Looking for the right laptop for casual gaming, good for watching movies and not so pricey

    Help guys! I'm looking for laptop for casual gaming and watching movies. I would like a laptop that is able to play games like Assassins creed, GTAV and the likes without any problems. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! these are the minimum specs that I need, hope anyone of you...
  30. M

    Need to find a laptop as good if not better than new mac.

    hello, im looking for a laptop that can handle graphic and 3d design, my music production and DJ'ing, i already have a fairly powerfull pc, but i need one i can ship around as im in full time education and Will hopefully be playing live soon. So im looking for a workhorse really, with a nice...
  31. R

    Gaming laptop £580 or under

    Hey, I need a gaming laptop for around £550, no more than £600. It should be able to play Minecraft med/high 70fps, Dota 2 med 60fps and bf3 low/med 35fps. Also, it would be great if it could play some new titles such as Far cry 4 at low 30fps. Need answers really quick! Thanks. (please only UK...
  32. A

    I want to connect pc and console to one headset

    I want to be able to use my headset for wii u (or other console) and pc at the same time. For example i want to listen to music from my pc and simultaneously hear audio from game on console. Are there any solutions for this? I believe I need an audio mixer, but i don't want to buy expensive...
  33. P

    Best Free Antivirus.

    So I got fresh windows and thinking what antivirus I should get. Please don't say to get Essentials as when I used it my pc was full of virus, browser full of pop-ads pc was so slow and nothing detected and once install AVG there was a lot of viruses however it seems that AVG is not god and...
  34. P

    Good Surround sound Speakers Under $150

    Hello, As the tittle of this thread says, I am looking for good surround sound speakers that are not too expensive and that are compatible with macbook pro (although I know most are). Obviously I would like the speakers to have the best sound for their price. Please post the model name and...
  35. A

    New Headphones With Mic!

    Help! Im looking for some headphones with a built in mic. Like over or on the ear headphones....But with a mic. Now I dont really want a mic that i have to pull down and be in my face something like the Sony pulse wireless but somewhat cheaper ($20-50 range) so I can make skype calls. Thanks and...
  36. A

    I need a light Gaming Notebook!

    So after reading like 10 posts about budget laptops, I still cannot find one! I will be doing a light amount of gaming on this laptop, I don't have to have dedicated graphics, but if it is integrated it cant be Intel integrated graphics. I do not Toshiba or hp, had to many problems with those 2...
  37. HandsomeComputerMaster

    Creating Green Screen Special Effects

    I am currently in the process of making a short film. I am ordering a green screen and video/audio editing software. I am purchasing Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite. I have movie lights. All I need is help with green screen effects. I would like to know if there is a way to create my own...
  38. M

    Help me choose my budget gaming laptop please!

    Hey guys i found these laptops all around in my $600 price range 1. Acer Aspire V5-552P-X440 - $549 (Refurbed, Highlight: 1tb, Touchscreen and MD Radeon HD 8650G) 2. Acer Aspire V5-552P-8646 (Refurbished) - $439 (Highlight: AMD R...
  39. M

    Budget pc under $600 with geforce gt 740m 2gb

    Hey guys looking for a laptop with geforce gt 740m 2gb to play games. If theres other Budget Laptops that you guys want to suggest then please comment below.
  40. M

    Laptop suggestions for playing Tera, Minecraft, and Runescape

    I wanted the Razer but its really expensive so I'm looking for anything similar. I just like how slim and Macbook pro the chasis for the Razer is. So if anyones got a suggestion to a more affordable laptop that can run Tera then please! List down below ! I know desktop is alot cheaper ive got...
  41. N

    Quick Suggestions on a laptop for schoolwork?

    I need a portable, relatively light laptop for schoolwork. I'll only be using it to browse the Internet and type up documents, so it's preferable that it comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office or if I can add it for a small price. Screen size is not a problem, but as large as possible would...
  42. A

    £450 gaming laptop viable?

    Hi guys i managed to configure a build at pc specialist ( a uk based custom pc builder) and it currently has an i-3 4000m, gtx 760m, 4 gb kingston memory and a 1600x900 display. What im wondering is is this build powerful enough to take modern games at native resolution on medium or low settings...
  43. U

    Cheap, Thin, Long Battery

    Hi everyone I live in South Africa and I was wondering if anyone knows where I could buy a cheap, thin and light laptop from. My budget is R2 000 - R3 000 and I am looking for a laptop that is about a 13" to 15" in size. The laptop is mainly for reading documents, working on homework and stuff...
  44. J

    Best laptop for around $600 australia? Really need some help?

    Hey guys, I have been searching for a laptop for months now, but everytime I find a good one. It goes out of stock and discontinued. I would like it to be able to do some gaming but not heaps. So really something with a decent graphics card. All the ones I have seen dont have dedicated graphics...
  45. T

    Should I buy a $300 Macbook or a cheap Windows laptop?

    Hi, im am interested in buying a new notebook for school. All I will be doing is using Microsoft Office, Google Drive, Steaming HD videos via hulu netflix and youtube,browsing the web, and using applications like google earth and all of my school work. Their are 5 Macbooks I am looking at, 2 are...
  46. N

    Best Laptop Available for these specs?

    I need a laptop for university and need these specs: ■Touchscreen ■Windows 8 ■14" to 15.6" screen size ■i5, i7, A8, or A10 ■Backlit keyboard ■No SSD's (I heard they break down quickly) ■5+ hours of battery life ■Atleast 500 GB HDD ■Atleast 6 GB RAM ■Dual or Quad processor ■Should be able to...
  47. C

    Cheap But Good Gaming Headset or Headphones

    I am Looking For a Cheap But Good Headset or Headphone and Microphone For Gaming, Less Than Around $75 Please. I'd Prefer Headphones and a Desktop Mic or Clip On One, so I Can Wear Them Outside in Public And Not Look Weird...Thank You!
  48. Y

    Gaming laptop under 500 pounds.

    The title says it all. I'm looking for a gaming laptop that is basically below 500 pounds that is value for money. :love:
  49. N

    Cheap Gaming Laptop

    Hey Im looking for a cheap gaming laptop, under $600 dollars. I want to play FPS such as Bo2, BF3/BF4(when it comes out). I am open to all suggestions, preferably windows 8 OS! Thanks! :)