Need to find a laptop as good if not better than new mac.

Mike Fripp

Dec 4, 2014
hello, im looking for a laptop that can handle graphic and 3d design, my music production and DJ'ing, i already have a fairly powerfull pc, but i need one i can ship around as im in full time education and Will hopefully be playing live soon.
So im looking for a workhorse really, with a nice crisp display, 15-21 inch at a fairly decent price.


Jul 19, 2009
Need to find a laptop as good if not better than new mac.

Do you want the mac operating system (OS X), or do you just mean more powerful than what comes in a macbook? You could essentially choose the same hardware components as a specific macbook pro for example, put OS X on it, and you'd have the same laptop for half the price as a "real" macbook pro, just without the apple logo... which it seems is why most people buy macbook pro/air...

If OS X isn't what you're after, the examples above are fine, although personally I'd go for windows 7 instead of 8


Well if that happens you blame it on the next guy. No but I think if you want Apple buy Apple you want Windows buy windows. No matter what you never get the performance in a VM on the laptop that you get running the main OS.