Quick Suggestions on a laptop for schoolwork?


Feb 9, 2014
I need a portable, relatively light laptop for schoolwork. I'll only be using it to browse the Internet and type up documents, so it's preferable that it comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office or if I can add it for a small price. Screen size is not a problem, but as large as possible would be nice without compromising anything else. But the price is a problem; I need it to be around the $250-$450 range. I also need the storage to be decent, because I'll be storing many files on it. Battery isn't really something I'm worried about, although I need it to run for a day or so, I will most likely be able to plug it in somewhere. Also, I want this to be able to last me at least 2 years; I had a tablet before this and it broke within 6 months, but maybe that's my fault :p. Basically, I need a casual, everyday-use laptop that I can carry around easily.

I'm not particularly picky with anything, but I don't know much on this topic, so help is greatly appreciated :D Thanks