Jul 12, 2014
Im looking for a good new laptop to last me for a good while and see me through university where i hope to study music. Im looking for good specs and really not a downgrade from my current i5, 6GB samsung which im replacing because of faults. I would ideally like an optical/ cd drive but am willing to sacrifice one for the right computer. I would use it for word processing, basic design, entertainment (music and movies) and basic video, photo and sound editing as well as a lot of web surfing. Creating youtube videos may also be a possibility so it has to allow that. Im just so conflicted now because it seems everything has its flaws. Really out of the options i just want something that will give me the least trouble and need the least repairs/support. Here are the options i have found with the help of amazon reviews but i just don't know...
I really like the look of the HP envy, it has the highest spec i can get and ive tried it in a shop and dont have a problem with the touchpad or keyboard but i keep hearing of over heating and fan problems as well as just general advice to stay away from HP..thoughts?

I also really like this one? But again i don't want something with faults...

Other options include:

(though this one if factory refurbished and not new...)

(This one with a lower spec but is from a reputable UK seller so that is a huge plus rather than importing from the US)

and then these two:

I loved the sony vaio fitE but couldnt afford it so these come within my budget of around £430 were i to get them this way...
What are your thoughts on which leaptop would be the best for me or is there something else i should be looking at? Ive done a lot of research but its just making me more and more undecided with such confilicting reviews... Please help me i really am stuck!
Thanks in advance