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  1. K

    Endless blocked Facebook account pending photo verification

    Hi, Facebook blocked my account after I signed in from another network and computer than usually. I send photo (for verification) 6 days ago and I still don't get respond. I suspect that it is a bug. I send a lot of messages to (found in Google) facebook's e-mail and messages in facebooks...
  2. B

    Help With Twitter Account

    Hey guys! So, I basically had a problem with twitter recently, I tried to reach their support but it's all made of [removed] bots that redirect you to I'll explain what happened so you can (hopefully) solve this. I sent this DM to @TwitterSupport: "Hey! My main account...
  3. R

    How to Block an Email Address with Outlook

    Is someone filling up your inbox with spam or irrelevant messages? If you're running a professional client like Outlook, you don't have time for those kind of problems in your email. The good news is that you can block email senders in Outlook by following these steps: 1. Log on and sign in-...
  4. majic2

    Youtube not working

    Hello, Recently ( past few months)I have had problems accessing Youtube, recently its gotten to a stage where it can be down for hours for my computer but working fine on the mobile app. Then it got so worse that it got me to wipe my Pc which did not help. So then today i got home before...
  5. K

    block MS Tech Scammer 999-910-0122

    How do I block MS Tech Scammer 999-910-0122 & CALLER ID “unknown name” ? These Jerks are calling every day sometimes several times a day! My stupid cable & IP Phone service can't or won't block 'em!