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  1. Qhanna

    Question Asus logo screen stuck

    Using k43e, i3, windows 10 pro. My Computer went blank, tried crtl + shift + windows logo key + B MULTIPLE TIMES ,worked, shuted down, after restart screen stuck at logo. Can't do anything. cant open bios cant open the system repair. All I can touch is new sdd which working before accident...
  2. M

    Question My laptop can only boot from the original harddisk, and cannot boot from other bootable device

    Hello, i have a problem with my laptop. I just bought a ssd and already have windows 10 installed. But when i replace my old hdd with my ssd it can't boot. So i try another method, i try to reinstall windows in my old hdd using bootable flashdrive but i can't boot from flashdrive either. But my...
  3. F

    Question Reboot and select proper boot device

    Jumped on my PC this morning and found this error when I tried to boot. I’ve been trying out methods mentioned online all day to no avail. I went into diskpart and tried to set partition to active on my SSD (where I have Windows installed) but once I’d selected the disk and entered “list...
  4. J

    Solved! Asus x553ma startup errors

    Hi all! I have an Asus X553MA laptop. The other day, it started lagging, then the screen went crazy. When I tried to restart it, it started the automatic repair, but failed. Some attempts gave me the error saying ntoskernel error, and also the "a necessary device is not connected" error. I...