Question My laptop can only boot from the original harddisk, and cannot boot from other bootable device

Sep 25, 2019
Hello, i have a problem with my laptop. I just bought a ssd and already have windows 10 installed. But when i replace my old hdd with my ssd it can't boot. So i try another method, i try to reinstall windows in my old hdd using bootable flashdrive but i can't boot from flashdrive either. But my old harddisk with my old windows 10 still can boot into windows.

And one more thing, if i try booting from another harddisk or ssd i get an error "pxe e61 media test failure check cable". I try booting with another working hdd and it still get that message. The only way i can boot to windows normally is by using my old hdd that plugged jn since i buy the laptop.

Please help :(
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