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    asus computer stuck in bio utility ex mode.

    i’ve tried restarting, enabling cms, resetting default settings and changing boot order. my model is Q405U and my battery is not accessible. i’m have windows 10. how do i get out?
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    Old HP Mini wouldnt detect bootable USB

    hai i've got a problematic notebook (hp mini) laying around so i thought i want to install windows 10 on it and see if the problem goes away. it is currently running a Windows 7. so i created bootable usb using rufus, and plugged in the usb on the notebook, but sadly it didnt boot from my usb...
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    How do I boot from disc when in the bios there is no cd rom option listed in boot order on a windows 8 asus laptop?

    This is the picture of the bios and what it looks like except when I look on the page of my computer there is no boot devices listed except for the internal HDD . If i try to add Cd rom it still does not work, please help! I am trying to boot from a puppy linux live disc , so that i could...