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  1. zach183323

    Solved! Help Android Stuck In Fastboot

    My Google Pixel 3a is stuck in fastboot and wont exit. I tried installing magisk and when I tried to reboot the phone it got stuck in fastboot mode
  2. A

    Solved! Is it possible to recover files from a phone that has been software-updated after a repair?

    Hey folks, as the title says, I am wondering whether it is possible to retrieve any files from a phone's internal storage after it has been given to a repair shop and software-updated. The details are as follows: I own an Honor 10 smartphone, which suddenly went dead when I plugged it in to...
  3. A

    Lenovo TAB A8 problem

    There are some strange things happening with my A8. 1. The bar at the bottom of the screen doesn't hide when I swipe down. 2. I can't swipe down to reveal the bar where there notifications, time, and battery are. 3. I can't rotate my screen, even though I have the Auto-rotate feature on. 4...
  4. A

    Lenovo v510-15IKB bricked, any good soul to guide me with getting it back and running?

    So, i was doing my documents, when a pop up to restart appeared. I did and it started restarting, i was kinda sleepy so me elbow was on the keyboard. Something about updating and BIOS something popped up and right after that the laptop powered down, as my elbow was pushing down the power button...
  5. P

    Samsung Series 9 ultrabook won't charge..

    Hi, my beloved Samsung series 9 np900x3c is bricked, it will no longer charge. I tried switching chargers and batteries. The charge light does come on as orange when plugged in, but windows 10 reports "not charging" and the only way I can get it to turn on is to switch batteries with a second...
  6. R

    Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change.... F8 doesn't work.

    Hi guys! I'm in a bit of a trouble here. My laptop got bricked after accidentaly installed paragon partition managers boot manager and when I uninstalled I got the massage Windows failed to start. File: \Boot\BCD Status: 0xc000000f F8 is not working either. I got a usb with win 8 on it and I...
  7. cognus

    Zenbook Zombie after sleeping with USB device plugged in. fix??

    we have two Asus UX305FA notebooks running windows 10. one works flawlessly, the other not so much. several times the annoying one has ended up in a zombie state after going to sleep, and the choices for getting it back seemed to be either: - leave it for days til the battery finally reaches a...
  8. Skizzlle

    i think i bricked my samsung tab 4 7.0

    I installed an app chainfire3d (something like that) and ran it it told me i had to reflash something but i was being stupid and but ok. the tablet is now stuck on the boot thing(Samsung galaxy TAB4 sm-t230nu) i kept holding the power button and the bottom button and the volume button and kept...
  9. S

    Bricked iPad 1st Gen, Need Help!

    I currently have a bricked iPad 1st Gen. and I really need to recover some data off of it. I've seen many tutorials on transferring data through the computer but, during all of them the device needs to be on, it can't be in DFU mode or booting up ( Infinite Boot Loop) . I really need help, I...