Solved! Is it possible to recover files from a phone that has been software-updated after a repair?

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Dec 12, 2019
Hey folks,

as the title says, I am wondering whether it is possible to retrieve any files from a phone's internal storage after it has been given to a repair shop and software-updated.

The details are as follows:

I own an Honor 10 smartphone, which suddenly went dead when I plugged it in to charge. Trying to charge it (thinking that maybe the battery had done a rapid discharge, for whatever reason) and trying to do either a soft or a hard reset didn't help. The phone was just dead - as in, it didn't even start up anymore.
Since I was still within the time span of my warranty, I sent it in to be repaired, also asking for data recovery if possible.
For reasons I don't want to get into, they didn't do a data recovery, and according to the report they sent me back they exchanged the CPU and did a software update, which is apparently mandatory according to the manufacturer.
As of now, the phone works fine, but naturally everything I had saved on it was lost.
However, there were files on it I wasn't able to back up and which I really would like to get back.

This leaves the question: Is there any way at all to retrieve files from a phone whose CPU has been exchanged, which has apparently been put through a hard reset and had a manufacturer's software update installed?

Thanks in advance,

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possible sure. try data recovery software
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