Samsung Series 9 ultrabook won't charge..


Nov 12, 2013
Hi, my beloved Samsung series 9 np900x3c is bricked, it will no longer charge. I tried switching chargers and batteries. The charge light does come on as orange when plugged in, but windows 10 reports "not charging" and the only way I can get it to turn on is to switch batteries with a second np900x3c that can charge.

I understand that motherboard repair on this ultrabook is about as expensive as buying a new one (as everything is soldered on the board, charging circuits etc). My question is, purely as a last ditch effort, that it might it be possible to run it without a battery, i.e. just on AC power? currently of course the battery is between the AC current and the board. But if I could close circuit two of the 5-6 pins that connect the battery to the main board, perhaps I could make it run directly off AC power without a battery... problem is, of course, I don't know which pins and luck wasn't my greatest gift. Perhaps a volt meter will tell which ones to connect?

I'd appreciate any help...

Thanks a lot...
Hi, if you remove the battery, the laptop should start with just the adapter. If it does not start, you have a component in the charging circuit which is defective.