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  1. DeathmoonNymeria

    Solved! Google isn't letting me re-sign in after resetting the browser settings on chrome

    So I've got a couple of problems here that I can't seem to solve or find anyone who has an actual solution to them. Firstly, there's the yahoo redirect when I search for something through my default search engine, which is google. I had this issue once before, which was about a few months...
  2. JaqueRabbit

    Question (Solved) Google Chrome: Transparent Overlay Distorting Text?

    I’ve been having a problem that’s resulting in the inability to use Google Chrome. There seems to be an ‘Overlay’ of a White or Transparent Checkerboard over some of the content on a Webpage. It only affects certain areas of a Webpage and not all text. It also seems to change slightly if I...
  3. F

    Search Fields Being Auto-Filled w/ #5 key

    Hello, I have never had any issue like this ever before, until a couple days ago and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. And I am not sure if it's potentially some form of malware or if its hardware related. What's happening is occasionally MS Edge, Chrome and Steam(the only...