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  1. J

    Solved! BT transmitting volume control

    I have connected a Bluetooth transmitter via 3.5 to my Vizio TV. My Bluetooth headphones connect and I have good sound. Only problem is, it’s set at one volume which is kinda loud and there is no way to control the volume. Any ideas?
  2. O

    Is it okay to get a pair of hi-end headphones with Bluetooth 4.2 in 2019 (B&O BeoPlay H9i)

    Hi. I'm planning to get a pair of hi-end Bluetooth Headphones and afer trying a few of them, picked B&O BeoPlay H9i. With an interchangeable battery, these prove to be a nice long-lasting pair of headphones, that I'll be able to use for years. The only thing that stopped me from buying these...
  3. S

    Non-Roku BT speakers

    I have a Marshall Blue tooth speaker that I would like to hook up to my Roku tv. For some reason, the tv won't pair with it. Do the speakers have to be Roku BT speakers?
  4. I

    Solved! Running a bt box and freeview on the same tv

    Hi. I have a Panasonic Viera tv with built in freeview. The external tv arial connects to the bt box, which connects to the tv via a hdmi port. There are some channels available on freeview that are not in my bt package. How can I bypass the bt box and watch my tv's inbuilt freeview - ideally...
  5. B

    Need optical output from tv to be amplified for BT headphones due hearing disability while allowing the tv sound to also work.

    My wife can’t hear tv.. hearing problem. She used a BT headset with tv. Tv has Bluetooth and optical. How can I increase headset volume while also using normal TV output for myself. Want headset to work while tv output also works. Thanks Bill
  6. H

    Solved! my panasonic eluga ce0700 mobile phone have shut down before 2 days its not back on I have tried many times to turn on it bt

    my panasonic ce0700 mobile phone have shut down before 2 days its not back on I have tried many times to turn on it bt it just show android panasonic again and again and wont back on charging shold be done properly bt no effect of that
  7. J

    How do i hook up a bt transmiter to my vizio tv

    I just bought a set of blsvkweb bluetooth speakers with z trsnsmitter and cant get it to work on my vizio tv
  8. D

    How can I activate my style 4 if it was not scanned from Wal-Mart

    I have a stylo 4 phone that has not been activated by the store how can I activate this phone? I dont have the receipt
  9. N

    Solved! BT earbud audio quality poor

    I connected two different types of BT earbuds to my Dell Precision 7510 and the audio quality is awful. Any idea why? I followed some tutorials and de-selected Telephony option in the Devices menu but this only improved the quality minimally. Should I purchase a BT dongle? Will that resolve my...
  10. P

    Solved! CH-213B Digital BT Speaker

    I own one of the above but dont have the manufacvturer's name etc. It claims to stream music wirelessly from speakers to any A2DP compatinble stereo BT device; make mobile getting thru handsfree key on Speaker; with high cap Lithium battery etc. However, I am unable to charge and use it. Please...
  11. A

    @ not typing on laptop

    Please can you help, when trying to update an email address on my laptop in BT email I can add the email box but when typing the address it won’t accept the @
  12. S

    Solved! My mobile not to connect to WiFi.. It shows athetication problem what to do for connect?.

    WiFi connected bt network not shown it shows anthetication probkem
  13. T

    Solved! I did all this bt then lappi got restarted and now question mark sign is coming and nothing is happening

    After restart process the lappi got restarted and now question mark blinking sign is coming and nothing is happening. What to do.
  14. S

    NFC connect to Yamaha RX-A2030

    Just bought a bluetooth receiver a NFC (GT BT receiver) and I am trying to connect a pair of Samsung WAM7500 to my Yamaha RX-A2030 AVR so I can create a 5.1 system. The Samsungs are bluetooth and WiFi, I have managed to get my soundbar and the WAM`s working together. But, if I want to watch a...
  15. A

    I lost my phone today....morning...i have the iemi couldnot find it....please help me

    It is a samsung galaxy J7 Max golden Color...along with flipcover
  16. P

    WiFi not working

    Unable to connect WiFi . Before it was connected very easy bt now it’s showing network to it’s not connecting.
  17. R

    Solved! Connect 2 bt headphones

    How do I connect to Bluetooth headset to my Samsung TV
  18. A

    Samsung bt trouble

    Hello I bought Samsung 65 uhdtv 4K and have no Bluetooth settings avail, I know there’s a secret menu but don’t wanna brick the damn thing before I use it. Also any help on best pic setting for Xbox 1s?
  19. Q

    Are there portable Bluetooth Output speakers that can connect to Bluetooth Input devices?

    I am trying to use a portable BT speaker with my car BT enabled receiver. The receiver is a BT Input device so I think the speaker must be a BT Output device to enable pairing. Advice appreciated.
  20. G

    Selecting a budget amp

    Hello! I have been doing some research for around 2 weeks now, and still have not found a solution that satisfy my mind. Also, I want to apologize in advance for any grammar/language mistake, as English is not my main language. I received a pair of Yamaha NS-AW194 speakers. They are rated...
  21. C

    BT with different players

    I have told the that BT has is own dac and amp. If I use a high quality source it should matter how great the dac and amp of the Player since its bi-passd would use the earbud dac. It should make no difference using my Samsung 8+ or KANN or lower end flac music player. The raw data going to the...
  22. J

    Turntable to soundbar via BT

    I am using a Audio Technica LP60 BTturntable with a Yamaha sound bar ATS 1050
  23. N

    My laptop turns on sometimes bt smetyms it doesn't

    I turned it on yesterday n it was still off den I charged it n den afta charging I unplugged it nturned it on n it got on den I offed it n afta some hrs I on it bt it was still off wat shud I do
  24. W

    BT Audio and TV sound

    Samsung 9 series (65) want BT and TV speaker sound to do it ?
  25. J

    Do I add BT transmitter to non BT TV or to cable box?

    Do I add BT transmitter to non BT TV or to cable box? I want use BT earphones for tv. TV is 2016 Samsung Smart tv and cablebox is Cisco Explorer.
  26. S

    i have samsung mu7000 uhd 4k tv which doesnt have built in bluetooth,is ther any tricks to enable BT from service menu?if so t

    Samsung UHD TV Bluetooth enable from service menu
  27. V

    My owner's wifi is on bt i cant see it however my frnds can see it nd can connect it too

    My phone is oppoA37f m unable to see my owner's wifi
  28. S

    Acer ES 15 ES1-523 Screen Blackout

    I have Acer ES 15 ES1-523-20DG... brought it before 2 months. Running on Windows 10 ! My screen goes out severel time bt power indicator is on even fan is working ! it hapens more often when i connect charger ! I press & hold power button for severel seconds to shut it down & start it again !&...
  29. C

    battery drainage problem

    i update my os from windows 8 t0 10 bt unfortunately i lost drivers bt i installed all drivers from hp site now i have a problem that my battery draining fast ...i changed my battery 1 yr ago(orginal). that drivers are tooo old?? what will i do if it is a software prblem before...
  30. I

    Solved! Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT (1 jack), bought a splitter and only the audio works, friends cant hear me in discord

    Hi all , I have a sennheiser hd 4.40 bt with one jack and since i bought a new computer , i had to get a splitter to be able to insert into both the audio and mic holes in the case. However , the Mic does not work in discord or anywhere and i can only hear them but i cant respond? picture...
  31. S

    LG OLED no display bt sound ok

    My 55inch LG OLED tv model no '55EG910T'. Screen just turned black while i was watching and the screen never came back, the voice is ok. It displays white vertical lines when i swich it on. No picture bt sound is ok. What could be the problem. Shiva
  32. S

    Media file can not play.

    My sd card is 32 gb. it works goodly. bt when i formate it it doen not work properly like video file can not play, music file can not play. But apps can install. When i insert sd on phone my phone work slow. What can i do now? Please help me.
  33. S

    One key problm

    Yesterday key 9 was not Woking today 3 is not working bt 9 is working...whats the matter..??
  34. T

    Looking for solution to question described in the description box

    My lenovo ideapad 100 is working when i login, im unable to enter the password though the keyboard and mouse touch are working good
  35. B

    How to connect Panasonic SA BT- 100 to my Samsung UE40JU7000 TV Virgin tivo box to be included

    How to connect Panasonic SA BT- 100 to my Samsung UE40JU7000 TV Virgin tivo box to be included
  36. Y

    how to pair BT USB tv portable transmitter to portable BT speakers?

    How do I pair a bt usb tv transmitter to portable by speakers?
  37. J

    System monitor not on

    My accer lap working time i closed the monitor and open that time monitor not on bt system is on always on system
  38. S

    Help me please

    How can I connect 2 pairs of 8 ohms and 2 pairs of 6 ohms and a 8 ohms center speaker with denon s510 bt
  39. S

    HP laptop finds public internet but not private Router

    Hi guy's, I'm really stuck. The WiFi on my laptop suddenly stopped working, it just doesn't recognise the WiFi or Bluetooth at all. So I started connection through Ethernet cable straight to my router, which worked fine the first night. But since then can no longer find my Router either. The...
  40. S

    By mistake i blocked my sim card ....they were asking for the PUK and i entered incorrect they are asking for pin..

    My sim is blocked ......they were asking for the puk bt i entered incorrect puk now they are asking for pin.....and also the sim is not showing network .....plz help
  41. jsmithepa

    Who is doing the DAC function?

    In a system where.... Smartphone ------- (bluetooth A2DP) ------> BT Receiver ----> Amp. Where does the D to A occur? Smartphone or BT Receiver?
  42. B

    Looking for bluetooth receiver to handle multiple inputs.

    I just purchased the Echo dot which has a BT transmitter to send sound to external speakers. I am soon going to buy speakers with a BT receiver as well. Last part, I'd like to use my existing home Stereo and send its sound to the same speakers (Logitech Z623) Is there a BT receiver that can...
  43. R

    hearling tv audio through bt headphone

    I got a bluetooth headphone (RockNgroove) gifted by my son. I have already paired with my cell phone. I want to use this also for hearing TV (samsung smarat tv) through this BT headphone (not simultaneously with my cell phone) . My TV is NOT BT enabled. what should I get 1) Bluetooth receiver...
  44. H

    Some button z not working

    Hi sir , I have a dell inspiron 15" laptop , when i start the my laptop .. Its show the option to select the window start normally ... Bt at that time enter button z not working . Bt after 30 sec window z open automatically, when i double click on my computer its shows the property of drive...
  45. S

    start up problem

    hai, my samsung tab2 is not turning on but when i plug in charge i can see battery charging bt when i plug off frm charge nd trying to on its displying start up screen but not on,can any one help me hw to fix this plz.
  46. N

    TV sound through BT headset

    I have a 32 inches Samsung TV which does not have a BT option. However, I have a BT headset. How can I stream TV sound to my BT headset?
  47. A

    Echoes through Microphone

    This echo thing started when I connect my laptop to my BT Speakers. I usually play online games with friends and communicate with them via TeamSpeak or Skype,but after I bought this laptop,they started to complain about my voice. I don't really know what's wrong with my voice so I tried to...
  48. N

    I can't enter to internet

    I have a problem to enter to the internet the answer I get i'm to young bt i'm 28 yrs old bt I can't enter to enternet
  49. djreedj

    Anyone use Avast?

    I got this message after running quick scan. can anyone help? ran quick scan on laptop today using Avast. scan came back with a warning message: c:\$windows.~BT\Sources\SafeOS\...\ error: file cannot be accessed...
  50. IzzySpringbolt

    New laptop doesn't like my Internet... but only MY Internet

    I recently got a new laptop from PC Specialist. Occasionally when I'm using the Internet on it (or any program which uses the Internet, such as World of Warcraft) it'll suddenly take ages to load pages. It will still show it is connected but nothing will load. It'll only work again if I click my...
  51. K

    How to download google play apps direct to sd card in micromax canvas doodle 4

    When i download any app or games from play store then it shows that no space in internal memory bt i have a 32 gb sd card bt games and apps are always stored in internal memory ,what to do to make my micromax canvas doodle 4 to store downloaded things to sd card
  52. S

    my pc drains too fast?anyone can help me..

    i have my pc in power saver mood..loweredd the screen brightness...disabled windows search its nt works lees than an hour about 50 min when full can i solve it...additional info my pc is new one...
  53. R

    I connected my laptop through HDMI cable nd suddenly the display vanished . I tried to restart bt no display laptop is working

    I connected my laptop through HDMI cable nd suddenly the display vanished . I tried to restart bt no display laptop is working fine I could hear window startup sound . there is backlight but no display. I connected it via vga and hdmei cable but no display on monitor even . plz help anyone. I...
  54. D

    About my SD Card ............

    Talking of my Android phone, I use ShareIt App to share things bt I doesn't show my SD card path & only use Internal storage for receiving things PS: I've plugged the SD card & still its not showing with ShareIt bt working fine with my cell ................
  55. Y

    I have a VAIO VPSSB18GG laptop. Device manager shows my BT mouse but it doesn't work. Just stopped suddenly. All drivers are i

    I am using a Logitech lazer mouse. also cannot connect my iPhone although it is visible in Devices and Printers [Moderator edit: OS = Windows 7]
  56. H

    i have Reliance cdma sim card bt want it to use in gsm androidphone can mobile portability solve this problem???

    i have Reliance CDMA sim card bt want it to use in GSM phone can any softwere solve this problem???
  57. B

    I deleted some photos and videos from my Google + account in my Samsung Androide I want to restore that things

    Actually I have deleted few photos and videos bt now I want to get back that photos and videos those were stored on my Google + ago..I using Samsung androide smartphone..GT-7582..PLEASE HELP ME AND GUIDE ME