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    I've connected the soundbar to the TV using audio outso stage soundbar is set to aux to work properly. How can I connect a BT

    I've connected the soundbar to the TV using audio out -- so the soundbar is set to aux to work properly. How can I connect a BT Headphone -- the soundbar would need to be set to BT
  2. S

    how can track my stolen laptop bt without any tracking device,,any ideas at all.

    I lost my laptop today,,is there any way i can track it down.
  3. G

    I have a Boss receiver with Bluetooth and a Bose Soundlink III that has Bluetooth. Can these be paired?

    I just purchased the radio receiver with BT for installation on my boat and want to pair it with the wireless speaker with BT. Is this possible? My husband and I are not very techie.
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    How can I make my Samsung smart tv 5200 series connect to bt headset

    I have a Samsung smart tv 5203 series and would like to use my bt circle gear head phones but TV is not bt ready I purchased a bt adapter and an optical audio cable with 3.5 jack.
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    my laptop uso be very fast before 3 years when i brought it, bt nw it is very slow as a snail , its horrible to handle please

    hello there, my laptops config is win 7 home basic, 320gb rom, 3gb ram, 512 mb ATI radon, i3 1st gen and finally sonyvaio make E series. so i brought it before 3 years it used to be good and i used to ply a lot of games like COD, far cry and all , bt jus before a year it get slow down a lot i...
  6. H

    vaio vgn series laptop. when I turn it on dead screen working power indicatore also. tried all tricks. remove batte

    Vaio vgn serier laptop dead screen. Tried all tricks. Bt problem not solved.
  7. G

    can't watch any live sky sports now

    I used to be able to watch any live football tennis darts etc on sky sports bt sports etc now nothing works Sorry I'm so new to this and have a Sony Z 1 and when I first downloaded vc lite all I done was click on the browser then select live then the sports channel I wanted to watch Now...
  8. S

    i guy robbed my mobile plz help me

    a guy robbed my mobile .. how can i track tht ,.. police is also nt helping ... plz tell me hw can i track tht . i have emi no ... bt no profit i can see from tht
  9. A

    sir my laptop hp core i3 pavilion g6 has webcame bt not working y ?

    sir my laptop hp core i3 pavilion g6 has webcame bt not working y ?
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    center and surround speakers do not play music

    When using digitial optical, all speakers play fine. But when using BT or aux, only the front L/R speakers and sub work. How do I get it so music is playing through all speakers all of the time?
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    i have choice between 2 acer

    helloo, i have a choice between 2 acer in same price 699euro, bt i still dnt know which one i take. can anyone tell me which one is more better, 1) Acer Aspire VN7-571G-51S3 2) ACER ASPIRE V3-772GTX-747A4G1TMAKK here the link for 2 lap...
  12. K

    bluetooth and Wi Fi does not work

    I am using toshiba satellite C50-A P0010 laptop.It has inbuilt bluetooth and Wi Fi but BT and Wi Fi does not work.I am using windows 7 ultimate(32 bit) OS in my laptop.Why BT and Wi Fi does not work? Or I need to install any other driver? Please solve my problem.
  13. H

    Samsung Smart TV won't connect to wireless BT router.

    My Samsung Smart TV can not connect to wireless BT router, the TV tells me to check the DNS settings, I've tried to change this but then loose the internet on my Mac, any suggestions?
  14. L

    Decent Bluetooth Headphones for workout what to buy?

    I am looking for a decente pair of BT in-ear headphones with the ability to answer calls. These will be used for doing exercise. Anyone can recommend a decent pair at under $50?? What I have seen so far are the...
  15. sai Kote

    which smartphone should i buy

    i'm planing to get an smartphone bt is on the cross way which to buy.xolo q900 or moto g,i need a dual sim android smartphone..plz help my buget is 15k..
  16. A

    should i replace my lg l5 2 e450 with nokia e6 ?

    i am currently using lg l5 2 e450 bt i dont lyk it thats y i wnt to buy a nokia e6. is it smart to replace my lg with e6 ?? plzz help.
  17. J

    What is the Best Anti-Virus??????

    Basically I'm getting 'mcafee bt netprotect plus' with my new by package, how does this compare to other antivirus ssoftware such as Norton? Will it be good enough to protect my high end gaming rig?
  18. R

    phone's memory card broken

    my phone's memory card is broken.. bt the copper part of it is fine.. is there any chance of it getting recovered???... please let me know about the same as soon as possible..
  19. P

    which should i buy

    what can work for mi bt dell lenovo,hp acer, want for school work
  20. S

    can we change graphics card in lappy??

    can we change graphics card in laptop?? i think we still is there anything???
  21. D

    samsung smart tv wont connect to wireless router bt

    My samsung smart tv wont connect to wireless router bt Ive tried to search
  22. G

    laptop gives beep while start

    my laptop gives continuous beep while starting but gets start after frequently pressing any key. I have clear ram bt still it happens so what to do
  23. TheTechnoTux

    Which Web Browser is Best?

    Look at speed, ease of use and aesthetics. My speed tests using BT Infinity Firefox: Chrome Safari Couldn't test IE as I use a Mac. Firefox and Chrome seem the fastest, which would add up being as Chrome is super-duper-lightweight and Firefox has won the Web Browser Grand Prix many...