I have a Boss receiver with Bluetooth and a Bose Soundlink III that has Bluetooth. Can these be paired?

Galley Grub Girl

Jun 13, 2015
I just purchased the radio receiver with BT for installation on my boat and want to pair it with the wireless speaker with BT. Is this possible? My husband and I are not very techie.
You will have to check the manual for the Bose receiver. If it has a bluetooth receiver (which I suspect it does) then it is designed to stream from the phone to it.
That is the opposite of what you want. You want it to have a bluetooth transmitter that can send audio to the speaker.
You could make it work by adding a bluetooth transmitter to it. How you would connect that depends on the receiver. You could use preout or use a speaker to line level converter. A car or marine stereo guy could set you up.
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