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    Solved! Change mxq display to 1360x768 at 60 hz

    Im using the Bush LCD TV with HDMI & every time I try to use it this message appears onscreen. Should I get another TV to sort out the mxqs display
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    Solved! How do I connect a Bush DVD player with a smart tv that doesn’t have a scart connection

    I have just bought a Bush DVD player to catch up on old DVDs. It has a scart connection but the Smart Tv doesn’t. How can I connect
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    Bush ac80cpl firmware

    Any one have a link for the stock firmware of my 8 in bush tablet AC80CPL stuck in boot loop. Thanks
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    Bush led tv

    Can't connect sound bar no optical connection or Bluetooth is there another way to connect
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    Tv with built in DVD - sound not working.

    I have a Bush tv with built in DVD player . Its been working fine until recently .When I play a DVD the picture shows but there is no sound and weirdly the sound works fine when on normal tv . I had a little look through the settings but cant figure it out , I'm not sure if one of my kids has...
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    How do i get my bush sound bar to connect to my phillips tv

    I have a optical cable,but no hole for it on bush sound bar
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    How to connect Bush soundbar to LG tv

    How to connect Bush soundbar to LG tv
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    LG tv control of bush sounbar

    Hi, I’ve got a LG uj635v tv and bush sounbar a6s via optical cable. It works but The tv soundbar config does not have bush as an option so I can’t control the sound bar from the tv remote - any ideas very welcome!
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    Hi, my 26 inchs bush tv when put on other sources works correctly but when put on tv the sound works but screen goes blank, do

    Hi, my 26 inchs bush tv when put on other sources works correctly but when put on tv the sound works but screen goes blank, doe channel names appears
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    Open back of tablet

    Battery not charging how do i opn back of bush tablet
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    Can’t connect my bush tablet to internet step by step guide what Ito do plz

    Can’t connect my bush tablet to internet step by step guide what to do plz
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    Bush tv 3 years old how can I connect soundbar

    I have a Bush dled48287 but I need to connect a soundbar.My son has tried but to no avail Help please
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    Can the battery in a bush spira b2 8 tablet be changed when it begins to fail ?

    Bush spira b2 8 tablet battery problem
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    Bush sound bar

    Hi I have a bush sound bar I have it connected to my tv via rca but the lip sync out on some prog so I connected direct to skybox via optical cable but I have no sound the red light is coming on at the end of lead going into the sound bar so I know it’s working on the skybox side. Please help...
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    HELP! Major problem

    I have a Bush Eluma 10 inch tablet. My tablet hasn't been charging very well lately and i don't know whether it relates to my problem or not. While on charge I was using my tablet to read something online, when it kept on freezing. I would restart it and everything would be fine for a little...
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    Tablet won't turn on after screen repair?

    Hiya! My brother just got his Bush tablet back after a screen repair, he turned on the tablet and it was stuck on the bush logo for some time, then switched to the android optimising app screens, but was stuck on that for sometime too. he pressed the power and volume up buttons for a few seconds...
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    I have a bush sound bar how do I get it to play with the tv , dvd and sky as at the moment it only plays through dvd

    Hi how do I play my bush sound bar with the TVs and DVDs as it's connected to the sky box and only plays when the sky box is on , at other times I have to depend on the tv volume please .
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    Bush DVD has sound, but no picture.

    My BUSH DVD BDVD8310BEA player, has sound but no picture. How do I resolve this?
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    Bush My Tablet won't install firmware update

    Hi there. I am helping my Dad with his Andriod tablet. I am unfamiliar with both Android and the Bush MyTablet device. I am trying to update the firmware, which is currently Andriod version 4.4.2. I am able to check for and dl firmware update, then swipe down and the 'Install Firmware Update'...
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    Bush Sound Bar Bluetooth Issues

    Hello I have bush sound bar system that was working fine 1st 2 days but today when i try to connect my laptop to the system via Bluetooth is not connecting , but if i try to connect my phone to the system is working fine. I test my laptop Bluetooth if can connect to another BT and is working...
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    how do i connect bush cbar4 to lg 42pj350

    I have a bush cbar4 sound bar , need to connect to an lg 42p j350....40" plasma with only optical audio output, sound bar has coax(phono) audio input and 3.5 audio input
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    Bush Mytablet Power Button

    I have a Bush Mytablet 2 and the power button pushed into the case so I took the back off the case off to reset the button. As I took it off the bit that keeps the button in place fell out of the case and I lost it, I've looked everywere. Is there anywere I could get a replacement one from
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    TV coaxial output, no volume control via TV remote

    I purchased a Polaroid TV from ASDA and wanted better sound so I bought the Bush T3311 http://direct.asda.com/Polaroid-3-40-LED-14---40-in.-LED-Smart-TV---1080p-%28FullHD%29/000523679,default,pd.html http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/2594404.htm The TV has a 1) earphone jack...
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    TV is black. Please help

    Hi I have a Bush 40 inch flat screen tht is 14 months old and a few days ago it started to take around 10 minutes to show the picture but now it won't show at all the standby light comes on and the clicking sounds on the side of TV are still beeping. Please could you help, MODEL - LCD40883F1080P...
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    Remote control not connecting with TV

    Hi, Our remote onteh TV has suddenly stopped working. I telephones argos who have taken oer Bush who advised to but a ne remote. I did and have same problem. When I aim reote a Tv theblue light turns red but nothing else. I am controlling Tv through buttons at side. I can press the menu...
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    Bush tv problem

    Hi .. i have a bush LCD40FHDA8 tv approx 3yrs old i was playing a game on it when the screen started flickering and going from light to dark then went blank. I turned it back on nd after about 20 seconds tv screen came on blue screen bush insignia but then goes blank again after 2sec and nothing...
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    tv repair advice.

    I have a Bush BTVD91216B LCD TV with Freeview, which is connected via a communal aerial. I have been suffering from pixelation and sound problems and occasionally the colours yellow and orange have a green tint to it. These problems have been occurring everyday for the last five months, whereas...
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    Sound Fuzzy on Bush Smart TV

    I have a Bush Smart LED TV 40" that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I've recently noticed that the sound gets very fuzzy when reaching certain volumes (loud parts in films etc...). Is there any solution to this or should I take it back for repair.