Bush Sound Bar Bluetooth Issues


Sep 11, 2015
I have bush sound bar system that was working fine 1st 2 days but today when i try to connect my laptop to the system via Bluetooth is not connecting , but if i try to connect my phone to the system is working fine.
I test my laptop Bluetooth if can connect to another BT and is working fine .
I try with my friend laptop is same problem.
Is any way i can reset that sound bar system or if you have any suggestion pls write

Since the laptop does connect to other Bluetooth device it should be all set the setting of the Bush Sound Bar might need some tinkering though. Here's the Manual for that device and it has detailed instruction on how to connect that device into your laptop.

If that still doesn't work please do uninstall and reinstall the bluetooth driver in your laptop. Go to Device Manager then expand Network Adapters once there right click on the bluetooth device then select uninstall and reboot your PC as it will reinstall the driver properly.
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