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  1. P

    Solved! Input Buzzing PLEASE HELP (Ground loop????)

    My mic is making a buzzing noise, I know it is not the mic because its really clear on other computers. I took apart the PC, made sure the audio cables were all connected, restarted, and uninstalled and reinstalled Realtek Audio Drivers. Please help this is the most frustrating thing in the...
  2. S

    Solved! Headset buzzing sound

    I recently got a new gaming pc. However, after just a week of playing on it, i have been noticing a loud buzzing sound in my headset (Sennheiser GSP 600). I have tried different headsets on my pc and they don't have the problem, and when i connected my headset to to my phone and other PCs, the...
  3. K

    Question Sudden buzz from subwoofer

    Hi all: Not sure if if my sub is about to croak, but while playing music, it occasionally emits this harsh buzzzzzz for about a second or two. Other than this strange behavior, it sounds and works fine. Connected directly to my receiver with a RCA monster cable. Never had a problem with...
  4. T

    I want to fix Coil Whine Issue with my laptop.

    Recently I bought a MSI gaming laptop(GL62M 7RC), and I've been struggling with annoying coil whine. I googled so much on this issue, but couldn't find any solution to fix it. This sound comes from somewhere inside the laptop, but it does only when it's charging. It stops if I unplug the power...
  5. F

    MSI GE72 2QC Apache fan keeps turning on and off

    Hello. Last week one of my fans in MSI GE72 2QC Apache laptop started to make really loud noise and it turned out it had to be replaced. It was left fan which should be CPU. In the end I replaced both CPU and GPU fan. After I got the fans replaced I noticed that the new CPU fan turns on and...
  6. V

    Buzzing sound from one laptop speaker.

    I am using Dell Inspiron 3543 for a year and i started facing this problem today , When i open audio file i am getting buzzing sound from laptop speakers . I came to know that buzzing sound is coming from one speaker and other is working fine. please help how to solve this problem
  7. angelion

    Buzzing Sound ONLY when Increase or Decrease the volume of the speakers

    It's getting rly annoying that whenever i increase or decrease my volume from volume control of the speakers this buzzing sound comes up, as soonn as i stop this sound stops too ,when i plug my headset with 3.5mm to the extension of volume control of the speakers and icrease/decrease volume it's...