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  1. Paulo Paz

    Question Problem with caddy and hdd

    I have a Dell laptop (inspiron 5567) and I put an ssd in where was the original hard drive(2tb hdd)) and I replaced the dvd unit with a caddy with has the original hdd but I have a problem, when I move files or I do any task that make use of this disk, its usage in the task bar goes up to 100%...
  2. subhojitdp

    How to choose HDD Caddy, compatible with HP ay516tx laptop??

    Can anyone tell me that which HDD caddy would be suitable for HP-ay516tx laptop? Because I bought two caddies from amazon but they both were not working for me. So, please help. Thank you.
  3. J

    2011 (Early) Macbook pro Caddy

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a Hard drive caddy that will fit in my 2011 early MBP that will ship to Canada to a reasonable price. I read many reviews on Amazon that and product description that they will not fit the early 2011 model. THis one here...
  4. O

    HDD Caddy for MSI laptop

    I'm searching for an HDD caddy for the MSI gp72 leopard pro 002 .. I want to replace the optical drive inside the laptop with a caddy to expand the storage. I have been searching alot and do not know which caddy dimensions are compatible with the laptop mentioned above .. Does anyone here have...
  5. A

    SSD in ODD not reconized in BIOS, but accessible in Explorer

    Hi all, I've read alot of these types of topics on the past hours, but few describe my situation, so I'm desperate for any help. I'll just post the entire installation proccess and troubleshooting i did: Laptop: Toshiba Satelite L50-A-18T(pskk6e) SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB mounted in Optical...
  6. M

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  7. R

    HDD Caddy not recognized by BIOS

    Hi, as the title puts it, I bought a HDD Caddy to replace the ODD of my Toshiba Satellite L850-13D. First I bought a universal Caddy and it wasn't recognized anywhere so I bought one from that was specific to my laptop. The thing is, the HDD in this Caddy isn't being recognized...