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  1. marius_ss

    Very powerful SUB !!!!

    Hi to everyone, very big dilemma !!:??: recently bought Yamaha NSBP182 Bookshelf Speaker 40w RMS for my PC !very happy with sound but my plan is 2.1 sound system so I'm looking for Active Sub .. but let me tell you how my system is connected now and how I want to connect with SUB. NOW I have...
  2. B

    Solved! Help troubleshooting why subwoofer isn't working through AV Receiver through optical, but is through other inputs

    Hi there, I am new here but hoping someone can help me with the problem I'm currently having - I am way past the point of pulling my hair out with this! I have an Onkyo AV Receiver connected to a 2.1 Cambridge audio speaker system. When using Bluetooth or turntable input, it works perfectly...
  3. S

    Subwoofer to Onkyo A-9010

    I currently have the Onkyo connected to a pair of mission LX-2's. I am considering adding a subwoofer to my setup. I have my eye on the Cambridge Audio SX120 and am wondering if I can use the line out from my amplifier to the line inputs on the sub? I've read around and am seeing conflicting...
  4. A

    Cambridge Soundworks SW310: static crackling sound when connecting/disconnecting

    I got an old Cambridge Soundworks SW310 2.1 system connected to my PC. It's probably around 17 or 18 years old and still working, however whenever I connect/disconnect it to/from my PC, move the tower or the subwoofer or put the whole lot on power after turning off everything, I hear static...
  5. G

    Connecting a TV to external speaker

    I want to connect my Toshiba 22D1334B TV to an external Cambridge Audio speaker without switching off the TV speaker i.e. I don't want to use the headphone socket. (The TV sound is very 'tinny', the Cambridge audio speaker is lacking in 'top end', but together the sound is much better) The TV...
  6. N

    new speakers keep blowing, is it pc sound quality, help!

    Hello, my first forum post, and I cannot work out why this problem is happening. I originally had a Yamaha RX Amp and 5.1 yamaha speakers However over the last 3-4 months 3 of the 5 yams have blown. Since then I have replaced them with 5 Cambridge audio minx min21s which are excellent So...
  7. P

    Rec audio repair

    Please Help me to find the service manual for Cambridge Audio CD4 ! Thanks in advance!!!
  8. G

    Carlos Santana: Defective DVD Audios or Defective DVD Play..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello to all, i have a Cambridge Audio model 540D in witch i listen to DVD-Audio titles. Tree weeks ago i order two titles: Carlos Santana Supernatural AND Carlos Santana Shaman from Arista For my BIG surprise both of them play with huge...