new speakers keep blowing, is it pc sound quality, help!


Jan 8, 2014
Hello, my first forum post, and I cannot work out why this problem is happening.

I originally had a Yamaha RX Amp and 5.1 yamaha speakers
However over the last 3-4 months 3 of the 5 yams have blown.

Since then I have replaced them with 5 Cambridge audio minx min21s which are excellent

So am now running a Yamaha RX amp, and 5.1 set up with 5 Cambridge audio minx min21s. And the original Yamaha bass unit.

I play my music from itunes on my PC and run a 3.5mm jack cable from the headphones socket on my pc to my TV first via an hdmi converter.
Then i run an hdmi cable from my tv to the amp.

Now the problem;

i have frequent house parties and play my music from itunes on my pc

However every time after a couple of hours of loud music the dreaded crackle comes from 1 or 2 of the speakers.

This is incredibly frustrating, my Cambridge audio speakers are brand new and i don’t want to damage them.

I have recently wandered if the sound card in my computer is causing poor output quality and therefore damaging the speakers. Is this possible ?

If this is the problem should I invest in something like the HRt music streamer, to improve the output quality ? will this solve my problem or do i need to do away with the hdmi converter altogether and run straight from the PC to the amp.. Or both ?

If the problem isn’t the sound card what could it be? As i now know it isn’t the quality of the speakers themselves.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome, budget is an issue of course and am hoping that the usb dac is the solution, or something simpler ?

Thanks in advance 
First thing try connecting the line out of the PC not the headphone output and go direct to the receiver bypassing the TV. The headphone output could overload the input of the Yamaha (or the TV) which will cause distortion. Only turning down the PC volume would affect this not the receiver or TV volume. I don't quite understand what you mean by converting analog audio from the headphone jack to HDMI? Another other guess would be you are misusing the speakers. The Cambridge are good for what they are but they are not party speakers. You are going to damage them for sure. I would get a pair of used big old school speakers (or DJ speakers) for your parties and enjoy the Cambridge except for then.


Jan 8, 2014

Thanks very much for posting,
The size of my current house is more flat like, so its only about 10 people, when i go bigger i will definitely be investing in some dj speakers.
for the time being il try the line out,
Will DAC help at all ? or unlikely.

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